We aim to inspire and support every pupil on their sporting journey by helping them become confident, well-rounded performers and providing them with the tools they need to excel in their sport.

The school’s sporting framework embraces the progression from participation to performance and is built around up-to-date research surrounding youth athletic development.

This pathway allows us to offer outstanding opportunities for all of our students and develop both physical and personal qualities. Ultimately, the goal is to allow students to achieve their desired level of health, fitness and performance during and after school, and (we hope) a lifelong passion for physical activity.

For students who wish to progress their sporting development to the highest level, perhaps (in the form of college scholarships) as a means of also progressing their academic opportunities beyond school, Shrewsbury has recently established its sports academies programme. These programmes - provided at additional cost, aimed predominantly at Key Stages 4 and and 5 currently available for Golf, Tennis and Football - provide specialised support for performance development, academic and college counselling, strength and conditioning and more. Entrance into the Academy Programmes are subject to the schools normal admissions process, and Academy-specific enrolment procedures.



It is now a well established concept that students develop at different rates and believe all students should have access to a positive and stimulating training environment.

In order to provide a pathway through school, students will move through four main phases of training. While fluid in nature, each phase provides a framework from which to build upon and ensure continual progression. 

PHASE 1: Foundation

The focus of the foundation phase is FUN and general athletic preparation. Sessions are movement and game based with the emphasis on ENGAGEMENT, and  TECHNIQUE. This is where the base for future training is built.

PHASE 2: Development

The development stage sees a shift towards more COMPLEX and introduction of WEIGHTED MOVEMENTS. The skills learnt in the foundation phase enable training to take on a more structured approach, while maintaining the key elements of technique and FUN.

PHASE 3: Performance 

During the performance stage, the abilities developed in the previous stages allow training to more directly mirror an athlete's chosen sport and improve the PHYSICAL QUALITIES needed for them to excel.

PHASE 4: Peak

The final stage sees training become HIGHLY INDIVIDUALISED, with the goal of OPTIMISING the exact physical qualities needed to improve an athlete's PERFORMANCE.



Competitive sport runs via our representative teams and academies, and is delivered both in addition and parallel to our participatory You-Time activities.

Our distinguished coaches support and guide students towards participation in top-level competition against other schools in Bangkok and across the South-East Asia region. Those students wishing to become part of an academy or represent school teams, are required to demonstrate commitment, dedication and sportsmanship throughout the season.

Team selection is carried out in accordance with our selection policy . All student athletes must attend try-outs in order to be selected for the seasonal team. For the sake of equal opportunities and transparency of policy there can be no exceptions.

If a student is absent, or is injured at the time of try-outs, his/her parents must contact the Sport and Activities Office to arrange a suitable alternative time.


The main regular competition for our sports teams is against local international schools who are members of BISA (Bangkok International Schools Association). The BISA schedule includes weekly matches followed by end-of-season tournament in most sports.

There are 4 BISA seasons in each academic year (each approximately 8 weeks in length) for 5 age groups. 

The School is also part of FOBISIA (Federation of British Schools in Asia), giving opportunities for our selected young athletes the opportunity to represent the school against competition from throughout the region, both at home and away.


Year-round SPORTS

The following competitive sports programmes take place throughout the year:

  • Golf

  • Swimming

  • Sailing

  • Squash

  • Tennis

Seasonal SPORTS

The following sports are played on a seasonal basis:

Season 1
u9 Football
U11 Football
U13 Basketball
U15 Basketball
Varsity  Football, Volleyball, Netball
Season 2
u9 Basketball
U11 Basketball
U13 Volleyball & Softball
U15 Volleyball & Softball
Varsity  Basketball & Touch Rugby
Season 3 
U9 Netball, Strike & Field
U11 Netball, Strike & Field
U13 Football & Athletics
U15 Football & Athletics

Badminton, Softball

Season 4
u9 Athletics & Touch Rugby
U11 Touch Rugby, Athletics, Bangkok Games
U13 Rugby / Touch Rugby, Netball, Badminton
U15 Rugby / Touch Rugby, Netball, Badminton
Varsity  N/A
our sports facilities >>>


Riverside has a range of world-class sporting facilities for training, development, competition and participatory sports, and physical activities, including:

  • 3 multi-pitch, natural turf playing fields, 1 with running track
  • Racket sports: 5 Tennis Courts and 4 Squash Courts
  • Aquatics Centre: earner pool, 25m training pool, 25m competition pool
  • 2 Sports Halls for court sports (Basketball x 5, Badminton x 15, Volleyball x5 and Netball)
  • 340sqm Strength & Conditioning Studio
  • Yoga Studio
  • 24 Bike Spin Room
  • Gymnastics Centre
  • Low traverse climbing wall
  • Dance Studio

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