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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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Golf at Shrewsbury Riverside boasts numerous examples of student golfing success. TK (Ratchanon Chantananuwat) is our most successful student golfer, and at the age of just 15 years and 37 days, became the youngest ever winner of a professional tour event. In recent years, several of our alumni have also earned golf scholarships to NCAA Division 1 Colleges, including Vicky Tip-Aucha (Penn State) and Jan Prapassarangkul (Illinois) and 2016 Dinah Shore Trophywinner, Jackie Chulya, who was captain of the Columbia University Golf Team and is now a professional golfer.

The programme provides world-class coaching that is open to all students, regardless of their age and skill level. In addition, those looking to further develop their skills and push towards the highest level of performance are supported both physically and academically, with individualised training and mentoring.

We aim to inspire and support every pupil on their athletic journey by helping them become robust, well rounded sports performers and provide them with the tools to excel in their sport. As students progress through the programme their training shifts from participation to performance. In order to ensure we provide the best possible training, students receive personalised progress reports, individualised training plans, fitness assessments and tournament schedules.

key contact: jason bilinkewycz

head of golf




As with all sports at Shrewsbury Riverside, students will move through various phases of training. While fluid in nature, each phase provides a framework from which to build upon and ensure continual progression. 


Fun and participation are at the heart of all our sports programmes. This begins with SNAG golf where the focus is on enjoyment, engagement, and  technique. The skills developed during the initial phase of training provide a solid foundation to build upon. 


As a student moves through the development phase, their training begins to shift towards specific techniques and the ability to understand their own capabilities and areas they can focus on. Throughout this phase, training starts to take on a more structured approach, while maintaining the key elements of enjoyment and technique.

High Performance

Students who wish to move further from participation towards performance have the ability to join the Golf Academy. The academy pathway focuses on all aspects of competition - technical, tactical, physical and mental. Training becomes highly individualised with the goal of competing nationally and internationally, and gaining scholarships to the U.S. For these students, training focuses on optimising their performance and providing an all encompassing environment to ensure they reach the highest level possible.

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golf academy

Shrewsbury Golf Academy is designed for students with significant talent and passion for the sport, and who are prepared to commit significant time alongside their academic subjects in order to develop their ability in the sport. The programme is tiered, with the upper tier participation (additional time and cost) designed to develop student's credentials to a point where application for US College scholarships is a realistic goal.

The programme is designed to balance academic and sporting development. Through a mixture of performance coaching, academic support and college counselling, and provision of performance opportunities, the academy programme is truly designed for Shrewsbury's Scholar-Athletes. 

The academy - provided at additional cost on a block by block basis and aimed predominantly at students in Key Stages 4 and 5 - provide specialised support for performance development, academic and college counselling, strength and conditioning and more. Entrance into the Academy Programmes are subject to the schools normal admissions process, and Academy-specific enrolment procedures.