All lunches and snacks are included in the school fees.

The school has 2 dining halls. The Main dining hall, which is used by students from Y3 upwards, has direct views of the Chao Phraya River and offers a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals and snacks throughout each school day. The menu rotates regularly and is often updated to introduce more variety. Students, teachers and staff all eat together in the dining hall.

The Pre-Prep dining hall is located within the Pre-Prep school and the children can choose their lunch every morning from an easy to use pictorial menu.

Our staff work hard to ensure that every student eats a healthy balanced diet during the school day.

All meals and snacks are prepared freshly each day in accordance with the school’s healthy eating objectives in two kitchens on site. The menu provides for a selection of Western and Thai dishes with vegetarian, Jain and Halal options always available.

Food Committee

The Food Committee oversees the provision of all catering in the school and welcomes comments, representations and suggestions from all members of the school community. We can be contacted at

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+ 66 2 675 1888