The school employs a range of regular assessment and reporting measures, shared with both students and parents via online systems, communication books, face-to-face meetings and formal reports throughout the school.

All of our assessment and reporting structures emphasise the key role that a child’s attitude and approach plays in successful learning, highlighting the value of personal skills and qualities such as resilience and cooperation, and driven by the fundamental belief that all students have the potential to develop and improve.

In Years 3 to 9 we use a formal framework for assessing and reporting students’ academic progress, based on the standards set out in the English National Curriculum. At the various formal reporting points through each year students are graded as to whether they are working towards, meeting or exceeding the standards expected for their particular age group. It is our goal that all students start their public examination courses (in Year 10) with the right foundation to be able to access the best grades possible

In an academic year when a student is scheduled to sit a public examination (GCSE or A Level), their progress, current attainment and predicted attainment in a subject is assessed against the examination criteria published by the exam boards. Most commonly this comes as a letter grade scale e.g. A*, A, B, C etc.

In addition to the communications, formal assessments and reports by tutors, class teachers and subject leaders, parents will have regular opportunities to see the quality of their children’s work for themselves through blogs, exhibitions and classroom displays; important celebrations of our students’ achievements that bring our school to life.

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