Shrewsbury International School is committed to ensuring that all students have the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the modern 21st Century workplace. We understand the importance of tomorrow's leaders needing to be comfortable, confident and competent in highly technological environments.

Instantaneous access to the world wide web and its vast compendium of information, tools and multimedia resources is reshaping how we acquire knowledge and skills. We are focussed on providing a set of skills in our students that goes beyond simply finding and consuming information. How we collate, analyse, interpret and share this new wealth of information is at the very  heart of our school wide Digital Literacy program. 

In a technology-rich environment, we have a responsibility to ensure that all our students understand how to use these tools safely and responsibly. Our comprehensive Digital Citizenship program starts from the first day they enter school. Through our IT and Learning for Life curriculum, students are taught how to make sensible, safe decisions on their use of technology. This responsibility extends beyond our students to all members of the Shrewsbury community. Parent information sessions and workshops relating to E-safety and the use of technology are held regularly to help ensure that parents also feel empowered and informed.

Between Year 5 and Year 9 all students  study our  Computer Science curriculum with the opportunity to study the subject further at IGCSE and A Level, if they desire. It is our intention that students will develop a fundamental understanding of how computers work, as well as build their logic and problem solving skills through learning a variety of computer programming languages.

In order for our technology vision to be implemented effectively, we need to ensure that our students have access to industry-level hardware and software throughout the school. Our students have access to industry standard Mac technology suites in Art, Music and Design Technology to support innovation and creativity. All students in Senior School bring a laptop to school each day allowing us to replicate the working tools and practices of the modern 21st century workplace in every one of our classrooms. With over 600 iPads on the school site, supported by Apple TV and Interactive Whiteboard installations in every Junior School classroom, we aim to ensure that technology is portable and accessible at the exact time it is needed in the learning process.

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