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Shrewsbury is a thoughtful community that brings together talented students, ambitious parents, outstanding teachers and experienced school leaders. We work together to build a culture that excites and inspires young people to learn and succeed, wherever their interests and ambitions lie.

Our exam results speak for themselves. But it is not just about the academics. Every child is encouraged to explore new interests and develop new passions. Shrewsbury has in place in a range of Excellence Programmes and after-school activities designed to nurture new interests, and to challenge and support students who are gifted in music, the creative and performing arts and in sport. Here, we take pleasure in achievements of all kinds.

The School recognises that its carefully chosen teaching community is its prize asset. Our highly skilled teachers are constantly supported through wide-ranging professional development to be outstanding in the classroom.


In 2018, we said farewell to 14 exceptional students; the first generation to have completed the entire 15-year learning journey from EY1 to Year 13 at Shrewsbury. Read what the students who know us best think about our exceptional community.

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Shrewsbury students are committed to excellence both inside and outside the classroom and strive to maintain the very highest standards of academic progress, achievement and performance.

Our students seize opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to all aspects of school life and take inspiration from the success of others. When not performing or participating themselves, they take interest and pride in the activities and achievements of their friends and classmates by attending school concerts, drama productions and sports matches. In addition, they volunteer their time freely for the benefit of the school and the wider community.

The members of our student body delight in the uniqueness of a Shrewsbury education and are proud of the links with our sister school in the UK. They understand that academic rigor and development of interests, skills and perspectives beyond the curriculum will allow them to achieve their dreams at university, the world of work and in life.


The teachers at Shrewsbury International School know that it is their commitment, dedication and expertise that set them apart. They use their experience and expertise to support and inspire students to achieve their very highest potential.

Our development plans are dedi­cated to bringing quality staff to the school, and to commit invest­ment in the infrastructure, facilities, resources and training they need to deliver the highest quality 21st Century learning experience for our students.

Our teachers understand the role they have to play in shaping success at Shrewsbury and the benefits that new research, thinking and technology have to offer in the classroom and beyond. They are committed to being life-long learners themselves and maintain the very highest standards of teaching by seeking out appropriate professional development opportunities.

At the same time, the individual care and support they provide helps to create an environment where every child feels safe and secure and can thrive; a supportive, compassionate and caring approach which they seek to foster throughout the community, and to instill amongst students in their daily interaction with others.

The expertise we hold as a staff community ensures that where necessary, a variety of individual and specialist learning needs can be identified and supported, including English as an Additional Language (EAL), native language support, special needs education, enrichment and counseling; provisions that help to ensure that every child can enjoy a happy and successful education at Shrewsbury.


The School is led by The Principal, Mr Robert Millar, who is responsible for the strategic direction of the educational programme and for the people of the Shrewsbury community.

The two Vice Principals, Mr. Philip Stewart and Ms. Sonya Papps, oversee the operation of the Junior School (EY1 to Year 6) and the Senior School (Year 7 to Year 13) respectively. They are supported by Assistant Principals who have specific domains of responsibility: Junior School (x2) and Senior Academic (Y7-Y13), plus Assistant Principal's for our Staff and Student bodies.

Together with The School Manager and The Director of Business Services, who provide expertise and leadership on matters including Health and Safety, Security, Financial Planning and Operations, they form the school’s Senior Management Team (SMT).

The SMT meets weekly according to a set agenda of standing items, and to review and address all matters arising in the school’s day-to-day function. This body is responsible for setting the school’s educational direction as articulated in The School Development Plan.

In addition to the SMT, The School Leadership Team (SLT) meets every half term and brings together a full range of experience from across the school teaching community to advise The Principal on matters such as Inspection and Accreditation, Technology, Library and Study Resources, Educational Visits, Language Learning and future School Development Planning.


The operation of Shrewsbury International School Bangkok is overseen by a Board of Governors which advises The Principal on the full breadth of the school programme.

This advisory board meets three times a year and brings together a wide range of local, regional and international experience in education, legal matters, finance, child protection and safety.

Two governors of Shrewsbury School UK sit on the advisory board, bringing their experience of school governorship in the UK context and ensuring that The School fully complies with the terms of the licensing arrangements.

The Executive Committee of The School meets monthly and is chaired by The School Proprietor. In this forum, representatives of the Board of Governors and The School’s Senior Management Team meet to ensure that The School’s operation is safe and secure and aligned with the priorities established in The School Development Plan. It has a role in setting short, medium and long term financial plans including the operational and capital development budgets.


At Shrewsbury International School we know that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. We work side by side with parents to ensure that every child is happy and learning to the very best of their ability.

Day-to-day, our parents take an active interest in their child’s individual learning journey and work in partnership with academic staff, to review and provide feedback on their child’s progress. This partnership is supported by active electronic communication, face-to-face meetings and regular information-sharing and community events at school, many of which are led by the Parents themselves in conjunction with the Parents Association (SP) and/or class representatives.

Our parents embrace the vision, philosophy and moral ethos of a Shrewsbury education, understanding that life skills are just as important as academic success. To this end, our parents encourage and support their children to participate and excel in a wide range of pursuits beyond the classroom – and are present as often as they can be to provide support and offer praise as their child pursues their passions and hobbies; from sport, music, drama and art, to outdoor education and community service. At the same time, our parents are full partners in supporting the school and its vision, instilling in their child the knowledge that with ambition comes the need for integrity.


At Shrewsbury International School we are proud of all the exceptional students who have been part of the school community over the years. Some families are with us for just a short time whilst many others graduate after their A-level exams, having spent the entire 15 years of their school life at Shrewsbury.

Keeping in contact with students who have left Shrewsbury is very important regardless of the length of time that a student was with us and we are very grateful to the countless alumni who volunteer their time, knowledge and skills to help shape the future of our community, and who provide direct support to our current students; their achievements both at school and beyond, serve to inspire the current generation.

Our Alumni Association (SISBAA) is always keen to hear from every former student to find out what they are doing now - so please, keep updating us and let us know how you are doing, or if you think your insights, experience and skills can be of help to current Shrewsbury students.

Please e-mail: alumni@shrewsbury.ac.th or call 02 675 1888.

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