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Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside, 1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholaem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand



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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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Exceptional People

Shrewsbury is a thoughtful community that brings together talented students, ambitious parents, outstanding teachers and experienced school leaders. We work together to build a culture that excites and inspires young people to learn and succeed, wherever their interests and ambitions lie.

Our exam results speak for themselves. But it is not just about the academics. Every child is encouraged to explore new interests and develop new passions. Shrewsbury has in place in a range of Excellence Programmes and after-school activities designed to nurture new interests, and to challenge and support students who are gifted in music, the creative and performing arts and in sport. Here, we take pleasure in achievements of all kinds.

The School recognises that its carefully chosen teaching community is its prize asset. Our highly skilled teachers are constantly supported through wide-ranging professional development to be outstanding in the classroom.


In 2018, we said farewell to 14 exceptional students; the first generation to have completed the entire 15-year learning journey from EY1 to Year 13 at Shrewsbury. Read what the students who know us best think about our exceptional community.