Shrewsbury International School is a warm, friendly and caring school that welcomes children from all cultures, backgrounds and experiences. It is important to us that we maintain an ethos where each child can be happy, secure, valued and fulfilled and their individuality is recognised and respected. The social and emotional well being of every child is a priority for all our staff.

In our ‘Learning for Life’ programmes we cover personal well-being, health and relationships. Each month we have a value which underpins assemblies and discussion/work in class. Linked to this we have a strong ‘student voice’ in the school – children have responsibilities which they are proud of, for example becoming a member of the School Council. Children know they can make a difference to our school community and the wider world.

It is important to celebrate the success of all learners. We do this through daily positive feedback in lessons, recognition in regular ‘Celebration Assemblies’, feedback in Communication Books to parents, special certificates and events throughout the year. 

We provide our children with many opportunities to perform, present and listen in a variety of situations. They are encouraged to participate in assemblies, class performances and whole school events to share their achievements and talents whilst developing and strengthening their confidence and self belief. 

The House system at Shrewsbury has been set up to enhance the sense of community within the school. All children from Year 1 to Year 13 are members of a House. The many House events unite children from different classes, ages, cultures and friendship groups to work together. They build vital teamwork skills, pride in themselves and respect for their peers.
Our children actively support organised charity work, through annual events such as ‘Charity Week’ or ‘Peace Day’ as well as responding to events that need our care and full support such as natural disasters. This enables our children to be proactive, to empathise and to understand the difficulties of others and realise that collectively we can help to support and rebuild communities.

Our group of trained staff in the Listening Team are available at a child’s request to listen to their worries or concerns about matters at home or at school. We have an excellent team of Learning Mentors who help with the induction of all new children into the school. They also support any child who may require help to build their confidence, friendships and emotional well-being.

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At Shrewsbury, the safety, welfare and interests of our community, children and adults, are our first priority. We expect all members of our community to behave in accordance with the regulations and educational ethos of the school, and to respect each other at all times.

We seek to build strong partnerships with our parents to ensure that these priorities are upheld at all times, and to contribute towards these goals as follows:

  • Safety and Security: all adults should comply with the school’s security requirements. They should wearing official ID badges at all times whilst on site, should only use washrooms that are designated for adult use and should only be on site during lesson time for pre-arranged appointments or organized events. 
  • Photography and film: parents re asked to consider the privacy of other people (especially of other people’s children) and whether they have given their permission of their picture to be taken or shared.
  • Punctuality: parents are asked to help ensure that children always arrive promptly for school, and that parents arrive promptly for appointments and to collect children.
  • Engage with your child’s learning and the community: parents are invited to many events throughout the year – we hope that you will come along and show an interest in your own child’s learning and be part of our community.
  • Support children in a respectful way: parents are encouraged to support their children in performances and at competitive events, but should always be encouraging, respecting the feelings and efforts of all participants.
  • Support children’s interests and encourage group participation: our aim is to give children opportunities to explore their own interests, to achieve a healthy balance between their academic activities and other pursuits, and encourage them to make positive contributions to the community. We hope that children will find enjoyment from being part of groups, teams and ensembles where they can share their talents and inspire those around them

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