We offer a comprehensive pathway in golf, from beginner level through the "SNAG" programme at school, through to simulator sessions at Ping academy, and then progressing to on course practice at Thai Country club.

For those wanting to develop their game further, and potentially to a level where they need additional support to balance their golfing and academic commitments, we now offer (at cost) our Golf Academy.

For more information on the Golf Programme and our Golf Academy, visit the Golf Page:



The sailing programme at Shrewsbury Riverside makes use of a fantastic relationship with the Royal Yacht Club Varuna (Pattaya).

Working alongside their RYA Instructors, the school offers sailing for boys and girls of all levels of ability; from beginners trying it for the first time to a highly competitive national and international level.

Sailors follow the time-tested RYA Stages of instruction:

  • Stage 1 - parts of the boat; basic principles of sailing

  • Stage 2 - first maneuvers; boat speed

  • Stage 3 - racing

  • Stage 4 - sailing double-handed; problem solving

As well as regular training, the school participates in regattas against other international schools in the city and region. Individual sailors compete in the Optimist class, while a team of 6-8 compete in Fusions; the school has enjoyed recent success in both classes.

Shrewsbury has seen a number of students push on from representing the school into national and international representation, and in several classes: Optimist, Laser, 29er. 

key contact: philip pethybridge

head of sailing 



The swimming program at Shrewsbury Riverside understand that we are the first splash on the journey of our swimmers towards the medal podium at future Olympics, and that while for some, this may be their ultimate goal, many will simply want to swim and have fun in the pool. We hope that we are able to meet the needs of all our swimmers, through our provision, our instructors and our facilities.

Designed with optimal athlete development at its core, the aquatics program builds the characteristics to challenge for podium success in the future. Considering swimmers as:

  • A Person
  • An Athlete
  • A Performer

Starting with the basics of water safety, and progressing through stroke development,  our Learn to Swim pathway is delivered through both the curriculum and co-curricular provision.

Our after school swim programme is open to students from year 1 upwards. This is an opportunity for students of all levels to receive coaching and instruction to improve their stroke and water confidence.  This is also where the school's competitive swimmers practice and receive coaching, preparing them for swim meets that occur throughout the year; their chance to represent the school and to wear the Shrewsbury Swim Cap with pride.

Every swim meet has different entry requirements, these are often set by the host school.

In addition to the entry requirements set by the host school, there may be additional requirements put into place by Shrewsbury to ensure the Meet fulfils the needs of our swimmers and that no swimmer is entered into a meet that may be too challenging for their current swimming level. 

Any swimmer wishing to represent the school is required to attend a minimum of 1 session per week. 

key contact: paul rotheram

director of sport 



Shrewsbury, Riverside is one of the few leading International Schools in Asia that has a competitive squash programme.

It is available for all ages and abilities and programmes run for both boys and girls. With four squash courts the programme caters for those wishing to play competitively as well as for recreation and fitness.

The most able players will compete against leading squash institutions both within Thailand and overseas. 
The programme is led by a previous World Class player, Terry Cheetham, Ex Australian Captain, Thailand Technician Men’s and Ladies Squash Coach and Committee member South East Asian Squash Federation. A number of Shrewsbury students have gone on to represent Thailand in various competitions.

“Terry is excited to work with Shrewsbury players at all levels. In addition to playing in mini tournaments against their peers, students that excel in this sport will be invited to participate in Thailand Junior and Senior squash tournaments. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare students to play for the Thailand National Squash Team or competitive at University”

key contact: terry cheetham

squash lead



We offer a comprehensive pathway in tennis from beginner level through to a structured academy, which is designed for those wanting to develop their game to a level where they need additional support to balance their tennis and academic commitments.

For more information on the Tennis Programme and our Tennis Academy, visit the Tennis Page:



At Shrewsbury Riverside, we offer a weekly climbing programme off-site at a dedicated climbing centre. 

Students have the opportunity to develop their skills both recreational and competitively with dedicated coaches who will support each individual.

Shrewsbury Riverside competes both locally and overseas against other leading international schools. We also support individual students who have represented their country at the World Championships.

key contact: david oxland

climbing coordinator




Shrewsbury Riverside has a dedicated team of athletic coaches to cover all disciplines within running, jumping and throwing. We also support athletics within cross country.

The programme starts from Y3 and continues until year 13. With athletes going onto achieve athletic scholarships in US Division 1 Colleges.

Students can access a personalised training programme depending upon their age, stage and chosen athletic disciplines. We compete against other leading international schools both within Thailand and overseas. Our coaches also help direct students to other events across Thailand which are suitable, this includes the Thailand Nationals and students have also gone on the represent their country in the SEA Games.

In addition to elite performance we offer a recreational programs with various group running activities designed to support individual fitness enjoyment.

key contact: mr chai

head of athletics



At Shrewsbury, Riverside we cater for students of all ages and abilities. The training is for both boys and girls and our Badminton players can train up to three times per week.

The most able players compete in both fixtures and tournaments against leading International Schools in Bangkok. They also compete against other International Schools from across South East Asia, in both FOBISIA and SEASAC competitions.

The players are fully supported with an excellent coaching team of four coaches who have achieved noticeable success in Thailand Badminton.

key contact: Khun Lee




The Basketball programme at Shrewsbury caters for all students from Year 3 to Year 13. For the younger age groups the year round programme focuses on developing both basic skills and students understanding the fundamental concepts of basketball. Sessions are taught with the emphasis of enjoyment and developing a love for basketball. Throughout the year all juniors will have the opportunity to compete in a series of fun events such as intra-school mini leagues and inter-school events such as the Bangkok games, which slowly introduces them to the competitive environment.

Whether skilled, experienced or simply a beginner the Shrewsbury senior basketball programme provides an opportunity for everyone to learn. Within each age group there are sessions dedicated to team players that will represent Shrewsbury in the BISA and FOBISIA school’s competitions and other invitational events. Developmental sessions for each age group run alongside team session’s for players determined to improve and represent their school. As the students’ progress through the programme they are continuously developing existing skills and learning new skills in line with the schools reactive approach to overcoming opponents, allowing them to play an adaptive style of basketball as part of the Sports Excellence Programme.  

Further recreational sessions occur throughout the year, especially during off season to offer students an opportunity to keep playing if they are not involved in the wider school sports programme.

Shrewsbury basketball also works alongside professional coaches to provide further basketball training over weekends in the familiar setting of Shrewsbury’s 5 fully air conditioned courts.

First page of the PDF file: StrengthandConditioningPerformancePathway5

key contact: david fiala

head of basketball



Shrewsbury, Riverside is one of the few leading International Schools in Asia that has a competitive gymnastics program. Gymnastics is a great sport that provides developmental opportunities for a large variety of skills that are important for physical control and coordination. As a well-rounded and highly varied sport, gymnastics serves as a great foundation for other sporting disciplines and also caters for both boys and girls of all ability levels. 

Some of the skills that can be developed through gymnastics at Shrewsbury Riverside are locomotor and non-locomotor skills, spatial and body awareness plus physical confidence. The Shrewsbury Riverside school program has been designed to introduce students to a variety of these skills in a safe, interesting and fun way. 

The program is delivered by numerous well-experienced gymnastics coaches who provide expertise and knowledge in teaching beginners through to advanced gymnasts. A number of Shrewsbury students regularly participate in gymnastics competitions throughout the academic year. 


Recreational gymnastic sessions at Shrewsbury welcomes any student from Year 1 upwards interested in participating within the sport, from beginners to advanced. Competitions are optional and students have the opportunity to attend one or two one hour sessions per week. 

There’s no pressure of an impending competition, where every element has to be perfect. Gymnasts practicing recreationally are purely doing it to learn more, stay fit, and have fun. 


Competitive gymnastics at Shrewsbury (invitational only) involves competitions. Students must commit to a minimum of  120 minutes worth of  training sessions per week.  Students are expected to work on refining their skills to put out in front of judges to train and progress through a series of levels learning and developing their strength and flexibility. 

key contact: paul rotheram

director of sport



Netball at Shrewsbury has grown exponentially over the last 5 years. We aim to provide opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to enjoy and play netball in a fun, competitive setting. The school currently has 8 teams in total, enabling students to compete against other schools in the region, country and further afield in Asia as part of the SEASAC competition.

Netball runs on a seasonal basis, with each team receiving two after school sessions, supported by S&C and small group skill specific sessions. The coaching team consists of experienced players and coaches, having all played in the England Netball Premier league, who have a wealth of coaching experiences with successful teams on both national (UK) and international platforms. 

Shrewsbury aims to lead the way for Netball in Thailand, pushing for greater participation and competition for students to take part in. We aim to inspire and support pupils throughout their sporting journey at school, providing opportunities to develop their skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

key contact: hannah atkinson

head of netball



Touch Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports at Shrewsbury Riverside, and in Thailand itself. Touch is an exciting, fun, fast, and skillful non-contact sport for girls and boys of all ages and abilities (Year 3-13).

At Shrewsbury Riverside, we offer an engaging and comprehensive programme that provides a challenging and fun environment in which to grow as a player and as a person. Competitive opportunities are offered to all players and range from fixtures and festivals in the younger years, to competitions such as BISA and FOBISIA tournaments, and overseas tours later in the programme. For our higher-performing students, there is the added possibility of being selected to play in representative teams such as the ‘Bangkok Thunder’ open-age league team, BISA Representative team, or invitation to train with the national team.  

Our programme is run by Joe Emsley, formerly a development coach for professional Rugby team Bristol Bears and the current Thailand Touch national team Head Coach and Director of Player Development. Joe is assisted by an outstanding group of passionate coaches who work hard for the players to create a happy, challenging and stimulating environment to develop in.

Shrewsbury is proud to be the training base for the Thailand National Touch team, and currently has 7 players in the pathway in contention for national selection. If you have any questions or would like to know more about your child can get involved, please get in touch with Mr. Joe Emsley ( 

key contact: joe emsley

head of rugby



Volleyball is a popular sport at Shrewsbury Riverside with numerous squads representing the school from U12 to U19. 

Training is either twice or three times per week and our coaches will support the development of students from complete beginners to elite stages of performance.

Our excellent coaching team have a wealth of experience as professional players, coaches and Physical Education teachers with a strong background in Volleyball.

We compete seasonally with each team also receiving additional S+C support to further develop their athletic ability.

key contact: coletTe shearer

head of volleyball


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