Music is a flagship for Shrewsbury International School. The school is renowned for staging musical concerts and recitals of the highest quality.

We attract specialist music teachers from around the world who instill a love of music making within our students. Some students progress to world-class conservatory programmes and careers as professional musicians; others develop a lifelong love of singing and playing. Many simply enjoy making music on a more casual basis; an appreciation which we hope to develop through the regular, timetabled curriculum music lessons for all students from EY1 to Y9.


Welcome to the Music Department at Shrewsbury International School!

Our key principles:

  • Importance of Music Education: Music is an essential part of every student's education and development. It is seen as a vital component of a student's overall growth.

  • Comprehensive Music Programme: Shrewsbury International School offers a comprehensive and progressive program of musical opportunities. These opportunities are available both within the regular curriculum and as co-curricular activities through a diverse range of ensembles.

  • Dedicated Team: The school boasts a dedicated team of world-class musicians and educators who guide students on their musical journey. This team is instrumental in providing high-quality music education.

  • Progressive Learning Approach: The music curriculum is designed with a progressive and innovative approach to learning and skill development. It covers a wide range of musical aspects, from early specialist lessons to advanced study at GCSE and A Level.

  • Inclusive Opportunities: Shrewsbury International School caters to all students, regardless of their skill level. Whether a student is a world-class talent or simply wants to enjoy and learn music, they are encouraged to participate and grow.

  • Performance Opportunities: Students are encouraged to hone their skills by working with others, rehearsing, and performing music to the highest standards. They have opportunities to perform in recitals, concerts, festivals, and various school events.

  • Memorable Experiences: The school aims to create lasting memories for its young musicians by involving them in premium school music events, musicals, tours and festivals.




The Music School enjoys a space overlooking the Chao Phraya river that runs parallel to the school. It is progressive in design, with numerous teaching rooms, practice rooms, and a specialised rehearsal space, all of which are centred around an outstanding Recital Hall with a Concert Grand Piano. Major performances are staged in the 600 seat Memorial Hall Auditorium, complete with its own Grand Piano.


All students from EY1 to Y9 enjoy music lessons as part of their timetabled curriculum learning, with a number of students going on to study the subject at GCSE and A-Level.

In Key Stage 2 & 3, students have three class music lessons per cycle, including general music-making and singing.


Throughout the school, students have the opportunity to express their talent and develop their skills as part of an ensemble. In addition to the many student led rock, pop and jazz groups that the students form themselves, our current formal school ensembles include:

Pre Prep Choir; Prep Choir; Prep Chamber Choir; Senior Choir; Senior Chamber Choir; Year 7/8 Choir; Harmonix (a capella group); Junior Strings; Intermediate Strings; Senior Strings; Chamber Groups; Senior Orchestra; Big Band; Jazz Band.

Some of these ensembles are by invitation or audition, requiring a minimum standard and ongoing commitment to regular rehearsals and performances.


Shrewsbury Riverside Campus houses a huge variety of ensembles, including two orchestras; brass, wind, string and percussion ensembles; multiple rock and jazz bands; several choirs, and many other groups who all perform regularly throughout the year as part of the school's own extensive series of recitals, concerts and other performances, as well as within the greater community.

Our students also enjoy opportunities to perform internationally, and they will rejoin FOBISIA events this year.

Students often take the initiative in organising ad hoc performances as part of their own rock and pop ensembles, accompanying community events. In recent years, we have been very pleased to welcome back some of our musical alumni, who are currently studying at or graduated from some of the world’s leading musical conservatoires, to perform on Shrewsbury’s stages once more.

The popular bi-annual House Music Competition gives students from across the Senior School the opportunity to take the lead and to conceptualise high quality, entertaining performances that they hope will earn the coveted competition trophy for their House.


Shrewsbury offers all students the opportunity to have individual instruments or take voice lessons at school. Standards of individual musicianship are high and our students regularly enjoy success in international solo competitions. The instruments we currently offer are:

Piano (Classical/Jazz); Violin; Viola; Cello; Double Bass; Flute; Oboe; Clarinet; Trumpet; French Horn; Trombone; Tuba; Orchestral percussion; Drum Kit; Saxophone; Guitar (Acoustic/Electric); Voice (Classical/Pop); Thai Instruments. Theory lessons are also offered.

The majority of lessons take place during the school day with students coming out of curriculum time on rotation to attend their lessons; with some  lessons for students timetabled outside of curriculum time. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and are taught by full time and visiting teachers who are all practising professional musicians.

Many of the orchestral instrument teachers work with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra and other professional ensembles in Bangkok. Lessons are billed separately.




Our Music Scholars are the backbone of the Music Excellence Programme. They are expected to represent the very highest standards in terms of ability and commitment, and demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for what they do, setting an excellent example both within school and the wider community. In addition to their varied contributions within the school, many of our scholars also challenge themselves and demonstrate their calibre by participating in international competitions. Over the years, several have continued their passion at university, conservatoire and on a professional level.

Applications are welcome from musicians of any age, providing that the entry criteria are met. Scholars must be the equivalent of ABRSM Diploma level in their first instrument.


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