The strength and conditioning programme supports a students’ sporting journey, by providing an environment that allows the development of athleticism through exposure to multiple training methods. Students are supported at all levels with performance and progress being monitored throughout. The ultimate goal is to ensure that they are able to reach and maintain their desired level of health, fitness and performance during and after school.

We aim to inspire and support every pupil on their athletic journey by helping them become robust, well rounded sports performers and provide them with the tools to excel in their sport. We do this by providing individualised, evidence-based training programmes that enable them to learn correct techniques and develop the physical qualities needed for their chosen sport.

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head of strength & conditioning


Stages of Performance

In order to provide a pathway through school, students will move through four main phases of training. While fluid in nature, each phase provides a framework from which to build upon and ensure continual progression. 


The focus of the foundation phase is FUN and general athletic preparation. Sessions are movement and game based with the emphasis on ENGAGEMENT, and  TECHNIQUE. This is where the base for future training is built.


The development stage sees a shift towards more COMPLEX and introduction of WEIGHTED MOVEMENTS. The skills learnt in the foundation phase enable training to take on a more structured approach, while maintaining the key elements of technique and FUN.


During the performance stage, the abilities developed in the previous stages allow training to more directly mirror an athlete's chosen sport and improve the PHYSICAL QUALITIES needed for them to excel.


The final stage sees training become HIGHLY INDIVIDUALISED, with the goal of OPTIMISING the exact physical qualities needed to improve an athlete's PERFORMANCE.


Inter-curricular S&C sessions
Online performance profile
You-Time S&C sessions*   squad sessions only
Wellness monitoring (Mon & Fri)  
Sport-specific fitness testing   -
Individualised training programme    
Individual nutritional support and guidance      


*There is the expectation for Team Shrewsbury and Athlete Development Programme members to attend two You-Time S&C sessions per week. One of these sessions can be a squad session.



Understanding the standards required to perform at the highest level allows us to reverse engineer the process of how to get there. From here, we can establish where an athlete currently sits on the pathway and how to best navigate future training. Monitoring their progress along with their growth ensures best practice throughout the entire process.

Motor Skill Development

Technique is at the heart of the programme. In order to ensure all students can train safely and effectively we track how well they can perform a number of FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENTS. Mastery of these skills ensures we are developing physical literacy. 


Knowing a student's stage of growth allows us to adapt training, REDUCE RISK OF INJURY and keep the programme in line with recommendations for long term athletic development.


Monitoring a student's wellness allows us to gauge their levels of fatigue, stress, and soreness. Data is collected via a questionnaire on a Monday and Friday, allowing us to assess their READINESS TO TRAIN and the effects of the week.

Sport-Specific Fitness Testing

In the later phases of training, we begin to implement sports specific fitness tests. These tests are based on current research and provide us information surrounding the PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES of a student. Every sport and position will have different key performance indicators, meaning the tests we use will differ for each individual. This data also allows us to examine how a student compares to those at the collegiate and professional level


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