Throughout their time at Shrewsbury, every student will be given regular opportunities to take part in day trips and field trips outside of the school.

These trips not only provide memorable experiences for our students, but also give access to the wider range of resources, expertise and creative stimuli that are available around Bangkok, allowing students to build on what they have learned in class. Most Junior School year groups will take part in at least three trips per year as part of their topic learning.

In addition, we also arrange regular visits to school from workshop providers, presenters and visiting experts.

Year Group Residential Trips

Residential Trips form an integral part of both the academic and pastoral programmes for students in Year 4 upwards. The trips take students to various cultural landmarks and national parks around  Thailand:

  • Year 3 - Ayutthaya
  • Year 4 - Suan Sampran

  • Year 5 - Khao Yai
  • Year 6 - Kanchanaburi
  • Year 7 - Khao Yai
  • Year 8 - Rayong
  • Year 9 - Krabi
  • Year 10 - Chiang Rai
  • Year 11 - Khao Sam Roi Yot

Through shared experiences outside of the classroom, students’ values and attitudes are challenged and shaped.

On these trips our students form friendships that last throughout school and contribute to the positive, caring and dynamic environment in which our students flourish. These are ‘weeks without walls’.

Each trip has a different core focus, designed to enhance the academic curriculum and provide opportunities for personal and social development. The trips include opportunities to participate in activities which are not available in school.

Residential trips to a variety of well known locations within Thailand take place annually for each year group from Year 4 to Year 11. Through carefully designed and planned activities that take advantage of the local facilities and environment, students develop independence, self-confidence, esteem and discipline. They learn to lead and to work as part of a team as they develop resilience, initiative and problem solving skills. Presentations and performances during the evening session develop students’ communication skills.

Study Trips and Fieldwork

A number of departments organise trips around South East Asia and beyond, to enhance subject learning and to fulfill a specific curriculum requirement such as the completion of practical field work in specific environments e.g. Year 13 Geography and Biology Field visits to study specific environments and ecosystems. Whilst these opportunities may have a specific curriculum focus, their benefits are wide ranging in terms of the skills, experiences and contextualised learning that they provide.

Representing Shrewsbury Away

Participation in one of Shrewsbury’s Excellence programmes provides regular opportunities for students to represent the school in locations across Thailand and internationally. As a member of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA), Shrewsbury students regularly compete in sporting championships across the region, as well as participating in FOBISIA’s artistic Carnivals and academic competitions.

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