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From Year 1, students start to receive set homework assignments from their class and subject teachers. As students move up the school, they are expected to dedicate an increasing amount of time to their studies outside timetabled lessons. These tasks are specifically designed to complement and reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom, and important helping each child to progress. GCSE and A level students will be expected to complete much of their assessed coursework at home.

We expect our parents to support their children in their home learning by providing an environment that is safe, free from distraction and conducive to quiet study, especially in the lead up to formal assessments and exams. However, we also emphasise the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, where learning activities are complemented by an appropriate amount of sleep, good nutrition, and a routine that includes plenty of opportunity for rest, relaxation and fun.

Evening and weekends are an important time for students to reflect on what they have learnt and achieved at school. We encourage all parents to use this time to engage with their children’s learning, and find out about their friendships and current interests. Parents can also provide (and even take part in) activities outside of school that can help to further develop these interests. Reading with young children is particularly encouraged to develop important literacy skills, as well as providing quality bonding time for families.

We understand that finding a healthy work-life balance, and setting aside quality time to spend with our families is not always easy to achieve. However, our teachers, tutors and Wellbeing Team are committed to both understanding the pressures faced by our students and parents, and always on hand to provide useful guidance, support and strategies to support our families. 

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