One of the essential things for any school is attracting the best possible teachers to give lessons that will provide insight, challenge and extend students. Shrewsbury has strengthened its teaching faculty with many outstanding appointments across the curriculum despite a challenging hiring period affected by worldwide closures and lockdowns. Three new appointees are of particular note as graduates of Oxford University. With Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside students gaining entry to the world's top universities every year, the new staff will greatly encourage students with similar aspirations.

Joining a burgeoning Maths department with several Oxbridge graduates is Ms Lucy Stuchfield, who has taken an exciting path to teaching after partaking in some War Studies research work. Since then, she has moved into the education sector, teaching in several schools across England.

Ms Stuchfield's arrival at Shrewsbury coincides with the opening of the Senior School building - complete with brand new classrooms and resources that will allow teachers and students the ability to express themselves fully. The Maths whizz's application was warmly received, and her subsequent interview showed her willingness to commit time, effort and energy to make a difference to each student. 

"Shrewsbury provides a fabulous opportunity to work in a well-established, sector-leading school in Asia. What particularly attracted me was the focus on teaching and learning and the incredibly central location of the school in Bangkok," she insisted.

Meanwhile, Shrewsbury History also gains a new staff member in Mr Joe Rolleston, who arrives after five years at Northampton School for Boys (NSB) in the UK. Mr Rolleston combines his love for History, rugby and 'battle reenactments' that inevitably create lessons of great value.

It was this experimentation in the classroom environment that impacted the school's decision to offer Mr Rolleston a position. Infamous at NSB for some rather 'out-there' lesson concepts, his colleagues noticed his methodology and flair for creating a positive environment and gave him a ringing endorsement.

"The School's reputation speaks volumes. I knew I wanted to move to Southeast Asia, but beyond that I would let the quality of the school make the final decision. Looking at the curriculum, the facilities and the phenomenal track record, it is clearly the right school for me," Mr Rolleston assured.

The final member of the Oxford trio is Mr Timothy Brown. His career in teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) across Asia, Russia and the UK was seen as an opportunity too good to miss. Mr Brown has many years supporting students in the IELTS exam and has even come to Shrewsbury before to give the exam to prospective students.

Having spent many years learning opera, the performance skills and confidence to engage students in the classroom come naturally to Mr Brown. Despite no longer performing regularly, the classroom is where he hits the perfect notes these days.

"Every student is unique and needs different kinds of help in unlocking their potential. The non-teaching background helps me get the best out of my students. It is where I get a lot of my inspiration from."

Shrewsbury warmly welcomes all our new teachers as we open our new Senior School. It is an exciting time to be at the school, and we are looking forward to some fantastic achievements this year and beyond.

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