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Success is the result of exceptional people


In a year of challenge, which needs absolutely no further explanation, students from across the world recently received their iGCSE and A-Level results. 

Parents and Education Professionals alike could almost feel the collective global tension, as emails and envelopes were rapidly torn into or slowly and meticulously opened in a ritual of hope and expectation. For many, these grades represent a culmination of years of academic life. 

At Shrewsbury Riverside, our own students navigated this week with feelings of triumph and high emotion; their results a gateway to long sought-after opportunities through which giant leaps will be made. 

From across our entire cohort of 118 Year 13 students, 61% successfully achieved A* grades, the highest award possible, with 86% scoring A* or A across the year. These A-Level figures are impressive enough, but when compared to average results which puts A* achievement at 19% across the UK and A* or A grades at 44.8%, one begins to understand the world of possibility which now awaits our Shrewsbury A-Level flag-bearers. A notable observation this year; a record 30 students sat Further Maths A-Level, gaining 27 A* and 3 A grades.

The Shrewsbury community is enormously proud of the achievements of our students, and the results are a reflection of their skills and determination through an extremely challenging time.  Most importantly, these results ensure a pathway to the top universities in the world and we know our students will flourish in their new environments
- Chris Seal. Principal. Shrewsbury Riverside. 

A-Level courses are highly regarded and recognised by schools, colleges and employers across the globe including the UK, USA and Australia. A and A* grades are enough to place diligent students at universities like Oxford, Cambridge, or Ivy League institutions - with all of the opportunities this brings. 

For 23 of our Year 13 students, their journey began with Shrewsbury Riverside back in 2006 when they joined EY1 at the age of just 3. For the past 15 years they have been an invaluable part of daily life at our school. We also congratulate students who joined us at various other admission points, including at the start of Year 10 and Year 12 to take either iGCSE or A-Level journeys. Their combined talent, enthusiasm and energy sees Shrewsbury’s Higher Education team prepare for the coming days, when students will confirm places at some of the world’s top universities. 

On Thursday, it was time for Year 11 iGCSE students and 89% of our 120 Year 11s achieved A* or A grade, with 66% reaching A*; a spectacular feat. What’s more, 51% of our students received 7 or more A* or As - and when comparing this particular distinction to the UK average of 26%, once again our students are propelled to the top of their field and a fitting tribute to their hard work is served.

These excellent results are a testament to the attitude and character shown by our students as well as the dedication and commitment of our staff through what has been a very challenging time for everyone
 - Rob Millar. Vice Principal and Head of Senior School. Shrewsbury Riverside. 

The diverse range of subjects available at iGCSE allows Shrewsbury students entering Year 10 to focus on a wide range of passions and interests, while our progressing Year 11 students now have the opportunity to focus their learning as they enter Year 12. For them, the next two years pushes them closer to their own higher-education aspirations and beyond. 

We end with a note of heartfelt congratulation to all of our students, who have pushed themselves over the past 12 months with the commitment and enthusiasm that makes them the exceptional people they are. 

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