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One Minute Guide - Video Conferencing

One Minute Guide - Video Conferencing

Shrewsbury is a safeguarding school. In the distance learning environment, certain issues are brought to the fore, especially with regards to working in the digital domain. The following guide is provided for current staff, who will be able to access the links provided via their registered school accounts.


Safeguarding Implications for Staff

What is ... Video-conferencing? 

In our school context, this means using digital platforms (for example, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype) to conduct lessons or meetings and where both audio and video functions are being switched on by all involved. 

Safeguarding considerations when using Videoconferencing

  1. Firstly, read this:  safeguarding during school closure
  2. If you wish to video-conference with a class or group of students, inform your Line Manager in advance of the class/session.
  3. Give the students clear rules about school appropriate behaviour, location/setting, clothing and language. Share these rules in written form BEFORE starting the session. 
  4. Students must be told not to screen-record the lesson without your permission.
  5. Keep a Google doc record of any lesson that makes use of video-conferencing. 

One-to-One video-conferencing

  1. Staff must not hold 1:1 sessions with students without the permission of Nick Loudon or a member of SMT. 
  2. NSPCC guidelines state that: “In most situations it’s best practice to have at least two adults present when working with children and young people.” This must be factored into considerations about online situations. 
  3. It may be possible to have 2 staff “in the room”  when video-conferencing but this must be authorised in advance by a member of SMT. 

Reporting problems

  1. Safeguarding concerns should be recorded on Wellbeing Manager on iSAMS.
  2. Report any other issues to your Line Manager or Year Team Leader. 
  3. Technical issues to ICT Support via email.

Useful resources

  1. School Closure section of Firefly - see the Safeguarding page
  2. NSPCC - Lone working Guidelines
  3. LGFL resources  - including an excellent video tutorial about video-conferencing/Live Streaming (30 mins)
  4. TES - Coronavirus HUB
  5. Best practice guidelines for teachers using ZOOM

Policies and links 

These related policies and documents can be found on Firefly


Email Nick Loudon: