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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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Sixth Form

Age Range 16-18 years
Year Groups Years 12 and 13 (Key Stage 5 - AS and A levels)
Key Contact Mr Neil Cornforth, Head of Sixth Form
Key Contact

Mr Dominic Mochan, Director of Higher Education









rikke ermgassen

head of year 13



rachael walker

head of year 12







Our Approach

The Sixth Form experience at Shrewsbury International School equips students to successfully meet their aspirations and longer term objectives both in terms of their university choices and their career paths, within the context of a highly competitive, challenging and dynamic global environment.

As students begin to focus their sights on life beyond the school campus, so the style of teaching and the levels of independence evolve to reflect the rising lines of sight. This is also mirrored in the physical environment, as students’ time in school becomes increasingly centred within our purpose-built Sixth Form centre.

Our aim is to help students prepare for the world beyond school; to encourage them to take greater responsibility for their personal learning and academic progress, to nurture assertiveness and leadership and management skills, and to reflect on their achievements whilst identifying further opportunities for self development. Most importantly of all, we seek to challenge students so that they may fully appreciate their own potential, and so that they set goals for themselves which match the ambition and pioneering spirit that characterizes our School.

The Sixth Form provides an outstanding and structured environment for students to work collaboratively with their academic teachers, pastoral tutors, Higher Education advisors, peers and, of course, their parents. We focus on ensuring that all of these individual groups work together in harmony, to enable the highest goals to be achieved, and provide access to the World’s leading universities; this is synergy in motion.

The Sixth Form Programme

We offer a traditional programme of A-Level subject options, each providing a rigorous and in-depth understanding of the course content. The cumulative, integrated knowledge that is built through specific combinations of A-level subjects provides access to some of the most competitive university courses and highly-regarded career specialisms in later life. Students normally study four A-Levels, each taught by highly experienced teachers who are specialists in their respective fields.

In addition to their academic subject options, all students participate in the Shrewsbury’s bespoke “Reading the World Programme”, which combines opportunities for research, analysis, debate and presentation, and which is designed to develop high-level critical thinking and life skills that are so important for successful learning at university. Alumni regularly comment on the immense value of the course and the clear advantage this course provides not only in terms of their application to university, but also compared to their fellow students once they have progressed to the lecture theatres and seminar rooms of leading universities around the world.

The Sixth Form studies and tutorial programme provides a focus for the monitoring and tracking of academic performance and regular self-reflection, creating an ethos of continuous improvement.

All students continue to participate in Physical Education provision, and have access to a diverse range of enrichment opportunities via the school’s extensive co-curricular and Excellence programmes, representing the school in the very highest level of competition.

The extensive and diverse Leadership Programme, provides clear and focused opportunities for all Sixth Form students to contribute to the continued development of the Shrewsbury Community, while generating and honing their leadership skills to prepare them to be successful future leaders.

The Sixth Form Centre

Reflecting the maturity and specific learning needs of A-Level students, Sixth Form life is centred within our dedicated Sixth Form centre, located on the top floor of the Senior School, overlooking the Chao Phraya River.

This is the base for two hundred students, where a focused, calm and dynamic atmosphere prevails, creating the structure for study at the highest level and encouraging intellectual discussion and quiet contemplation.
The space is equipped with tailored teaching areas and IT resources, an independent research facility that supports individual learning, and easy access to Higher Education and careers guidance via a dedicated team of full time specialist staff.

In addition, there are zoned study areas that offer silent and collaborative working environments and a social area that allows relaxation during break times and at the end of the school day.

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