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Year 6 Designers Motivational Clocks a ‘Smash’


Our fabulous Year 6 design students have just completed their motivational Pop-Art acrylic clocks after an arduous process that required multiple skills to complete. Led by Junior Design teacher, Ms Rachel Lewis, the students’ work has exceeded expectations, preparing them for much more complex design work in the Senior School next year.

To begin, students analysed, sketched, annotated and coloured Pop-Art style graphics, which were popular during the 1960s in cartoons and comic books which depicted characters performing vigorous actions. Words such as ‘KAPOW’, ‘BANG, ‘CRASH’ are examples that are also used in everyday speech. Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), students were able to take their sketched project and animate them.

After choosing the word that suited them best, students started creating clocks with annotated phrases upon them using acrylic and coloured stickers. After that, the clock mechanism is fixed to the object, ultimately bringing together several skill sets to complete the project.

The motivation clocks are an impressive item that will be displayed in the Junior Design department for a while - make sure you check them out!

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