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Shrewsbury Welcomes US Higher Education Specialist


The Higher Education prospects for Shrewsbury graduates got yet another boost with the appointment of Ms Angela Dunnham, a US native with a wealth of experience both state-side and in China. 

Taking up her role as Shrewsbury’s second full-time US Higher Education specialist, Ms Dunnham is herself an Ivy League graduate. An alumna of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire; she knows just how valuable a university education at world-leading universities can be in helping to propel students toward the career path of their choosing.

“I want Shrewsbury students to see Ivy League schools and other well-regarded institutions as achievable targets for their higher learning. With a specialised one to one approach and a guiding hand, I know many students at Shrewsbury are in a great position to be offered places at their chosen tertiary institution.” Ms Dunnham says enthusiastically.

Ms Dunnham joins at a time when the most recent graduates have achieved phenomenal A level grades with 76% receiving an A*/A. In addition, the cohort has enjoyed placements at Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, and Ms Dunnham’s university, Dartmouth College, to name but a few. Aware of the impressive achievements of the Class of 2020, Ms Dunnham is excited to press on with even more success for 2021.

“I have cultivated many connections in the US College system over my years as a higher education counsellor, and I am looking forward to connecting high-achieving Shrewsbury students to world-class universities.”

With Universities looking for so much more than stellar grades, Ms Dunnham has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building an unputdownable application.

“I will ensure students can convey their deeply-held enthusiasm for the subject they wish to take, as grades alone will not be enough in many cases. It is also important to express social and emotional aspects in a student profile, as universities are looking for what you bring to their school as much as a student is looking for what a university can do for them.”

Her passion is evident in the way she talks about the atmosphere within the universities mentioned earlier where, on any given day, you could have a famous politician or a national event on campus.

“I vividly recall Rudy Guiliani giving a talk to undergraduates at Dartmouth as well as Robert Reich and Hillary Clinton. We also had the New Hampshire Election Primaries on site which was amazing. These types of experiences have stayed with me, and I look forward to being a helping hand to students from this school to create similar memories”.

We are excited to see what Ms Dunnham and the rest of the team achieve for the Class of 2021 and will follow their progress intently.

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