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Equity Partnership products Go Live on JD Central


A collaboration project between Shrewsbury International School, Riverside the government-backed Fund for Educational Equality, and JD Central has come to fruition. A range of natural resource products and solutions, created by schools from provinces all over Thailand, are now for sale online.
The Fund aims to create educational equality through exchange activities that promote the development of creative skills and entrepreneurialism in schools, and which ultimately helps to generate sustainable economic stimulus in provincial areas. Now the Fund and its partners can point to some fantastic products that consumers can purchase through JD Central.
Shrewsbury has played a big part in mentoring and assisting the ten schools chosen by the Equity Partnership after hosting the collaboration in January. The professional development workshops, coordinated by Associate Director of Sixth Form, Mr Greg Threlfall, was attended by teachers from all over Thailand.  Here they learnt skills they could pass on to their students.
“We are really proud to be an important part of the Equity Partnership. We started last November with our Sixth Form student leaders assisting their Thai school counterparts in creating prototypes of products. Then we invited the ten school’s educators to Shrewsbury for CPD sessions.” enthused Mr Threlfall, who has been appointed into a new role as Shrewsbury’s Head of Outreach next year, precisely to build on partnerships of this nature and which also provide important educational opportunities for Shrewsbury students too.

With the added bonus of being able to call on Alumni in the field of Design and Marketing, Shrewsbury has ensured that the products designed by the partner schools have the best chance of being successful in the online marketplace. However, as Mr Threlfall notes, the project hasn’t been without its difficulties.
“Obviously, the COVID-19 outbreak has made further collaboration difficult, but we immediately switched to online conferences based at the EEF Offices in Bangkok. Luckily, we managed to get these last few elements involving Shrewsbury students done before the school closed, so that was pleasing.”, he said.
According to the Fund for Educational Equality, the proceeds from the sale will be given to the scholarship students from the 10 Thai Schools in order to further career skills and to reduce inequality.
The products can be purchased until early June when there will be another chance to judge the products’ success based on several factors including sales, design and creativity, and to learn important lessons for improvement going forward. Depending on lockdown protocols, the Equity Partnership hopes to have a celebration in June for everyone involved.
Hundreds of products have been sold already. You can see the promotional video here, or go directly to the Equity Partnership sales page at JD Central here.

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