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Art Students Gain a New Perspective


In a first since the COVID-19 Pandemic brought about the school’s closure and a halt on school trips, Year 10 Art students made the short journey to Chang Chui. A lively, modern destination featuring artisanal shops, art exhibits and a beautiful garden - it was the perfect place to take photographs to then develop into further works.  

In recent lessons, students have been focusing on how to capture a moment in time and compose an image correctly. Chang Chui was seen as the ideal backdrop given its eclectic mix of artworks, objects and sculptures. 

According to Year 10 Art teacher and trip leader, Ms Jessica Judd, students were encouraged to think ‘outside of the normal box’ and draw inspiration from their surroundings. 

“This trip allows the students to have a readily available collection of images that inspire and excite them in order to create interesting, challenging and skill-based work throughout the year,” she insisted.

The Year 10 Art curriculum focuses on skill-based tasks that allow students to explore a range of media and processes within the art and design discipline. By exploring various media, they will then have excellent knowledge and understanding of what best to select for their Year 11 IGCSE project.   

Over the coming weeks and months, we look forward to the work students have created from the Chang Chui trip.

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