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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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Teaching and learning support staff who accept a contract to begin working at Shrewsbury at the start of the new academic year (August), will be given access to a range of useful information and resources in the weeks and months before their arrival.

This is principally delivered via a new staff blog, to which all new staff are given access, and which provides a 2-way communication channel between the school and new colleagues, and between the new colleagues themselves. New staff are allocated a “buddy” from within the current staff, who will try to answer any specific questions them may have.

Every June new staff have the opportunity to meet their fellow new colleagues and a member of SMT in an informal setting in central London, and where the details of the upcoming induction week are also distributed and shared in person.

Induction and Orientation for International Teaching Staff

Teaching and learning support staff who accept a contract starting at the beginning of the academic year (August) will be required to attend a week of induction and orientation activities prior to the start of term.

Most new teaching staff (and their families) travelling from the UK at that time opt to travel on a group flight from London Heathrow, which arrives in Bangkok slightly ahead of the induction week, and which provides a valuable time to acclimatize and rest before inductions activities begin in earnest. Shrewsbury staff travel to the airport to meet travelers arriving on the group flight, and accompany you back to your accommodation.

The induction week allows new staff to become familiar with the school facilities, their teaching spaces and resources, IT systems, policies, processes and codes of conduct. Important visa and permit paperwork is also completed, medical checks performed and bank accounts activated. A cash advance is provided ahead of the first end of month salary deposit in September.

This is an important time for settling into your new home and into the Bangkok lifestyle. A small selection of essential household products is provided to welcome you in your apartment. Bedding can also be purchased and internet contract set up ahead of your arrival. Shrewsbury staff will provide a group tour to some of the most useful local shopping facilities. At the end of induction week, the staff social committee invited all staff (new and old) to a social event in central Bangkok where you can get to meet your new colleagues a little better.

1 or 2 whole staff inset days are scheduled prior to the start of term, where you will meet your new colleagues and plan for the term ahead.

Visa Requirements and Work Permits

The school has a team of full time visa personnel who will provide support and liaison with the visa and work ministries to help staff obtain their residence visa and work permits. Please note that it is the responsibility of the employee to obtain an initial visa 90 day visa for extended entry into Thailand (depending on the arrangements for your own country).