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Shrewsbury’s extensive co-curricular programme is designed to allow students to explore their interests and to develop skills outside of the classroom. These opportunities can help contextualise and to reinforce learning in the classroom, and further develop communication, collaboration and leadership skills. They also help to bring balance to a student's school experience, serving to enhance their wellbeing and in doing so, benefiting their academic performance.  At Shrewsbury we see the co-curriculum as complementary to academic studies and an essential part of daily life.


Co-curricular opportunities are primarily delivered through the school’s after school activities programme, which is open to children from Year 1 upwards.  A selection of after school activities are available for students in Year 1 and 2, however, participation in after school activities is optional at this age;  students also need a chance to rest during their busy week. From Year 3 upwards, all students are required to participate in at least one activity per week, but many students are involved in two or more activities per week, plus their associated weekend fixtures or events (as appropriate). 
The activities programme is divided into three main streams: 


These activities are for students from Year 1 to Year 13. Different activities are offered for different year groups.  Access to different types of activities throughout the year allows students to explore different interests and make new friends outside of class.  The wide ranging and stimulating programme affords all students an opportunity to explore new interests, develop passions and fulfill potential.


These activities are for students from Year 1 to 13 and are operated by external agencies and providers. These are paid activities and parents will be charged and invoiced for their child's participation in additional activities during the term.


Our Excellence Programmes aim to support students in a range of areas, including Music, Drama and Sport, to help them to pursue excellence and to reach their full potential. Excellence activities usually involve trial, audition or invitation to attend (see notes below).


There are four consecutive activity blocks that run throughout the academic year, and which reflect the sporting seasons of Bangkok’s International Schools Athletics Conference (BISAC) in which our sporting sides compete.

Each block lasts around 8-10 weeks. Students can choose new activities for each activity block, giving them an opportunity to try new activities on a regular basis. Many activities, such as the school orchestra, choirs or golf team, continue all year round.

Activities selections are made at specified points during the academic year via the school's online system, Pro-activities. Families can log in to the system at any time to time to check which activities they are registered to take part in on different afternoons.


Entry into an Excellence Programme is normally by invitation or audition. Sports excellence activities are sometimes subject to trial. Students selected for an Excellence Programme are coached and directed by our specialist staff in their chosen activities and their talents nurtured and developed.

For many students, Excellence activities provide a more focused progression from interests that were first nurtured in the You-Time programme.

Students must carry out a trial or audition in most instances. Commitment to the corresponding training or rehearsal schedule for more than one term is normally required.