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Exceptional exam results underline the constant focus on Academic Excellence that is a trademark of Shrewsbury International School. Our talented and dedicated teaching staff set the highest standards for our selected pupils, providing them with the support and encouragement they need to achieve their full potential in every subject they choose to pursue here at Shrewsbury.

Results 2018-19

Making their contribution to an incredible history of examination success at Shrewsbury International School, our GCSE, IGCSE and A-level students achieved another set of outstanding results in 2019.

In another year of incredible achievements across the board, the highlights included:

  • A Level: 65% A*/A
  • A Level: A* grades 4.5x UK average
  • GCSE: 70% A*/A, 98% A-C
  • GCSE: 7+ A* grades for nearly 1 in 3 students




Grade % cumulative
A* 33.5% 33.5%
A 31.5% 64.6%
B 17.5% 82.1%
C 11.1% 93.2%
D 4.2% 97.6%
Other 2.4% 100%


Grade % cumulative
A*/ 8 or 9 41.3% 41.3%
A / 7 28.5% 69.8%
C / 4 27.9% 97.7%
Other 2.3% 100%

These results are calculated from a combination of both the lettered and numbered grading system employed for different GCSE examination subjects, whereby 8/9 is equivalent to an A*, and 4 is equivalent to a C grade. 

CIE Examination Awards

Within the school’s excellent overall results, there are always, of course, some outstanding individual performances. Our pupils are a regular presence at the annual Cambridge International Examinations Board awards, which are normally announced in October or November.

Through the years, Shrewsbury students have earned numerous ‘Top in the World’ and ‘Top in Thailand’ accolades for their scores in respective subjects, across both the Arts and the Sciences.

In November 2018 we were particularly proud to congratulate our four ‘Top in the World’ winners amongst our 29 awards for 2017-18: 

Boonyavee (Prin) Wongwisetsuk - Mathematics (Without Coursework) IGCSE
Athisaya (Tonnam) Vasikanond - Art & Design IGCSE
Lauren Storah - Mathematics (Without Coursework) IGCSE
Natcha (Kaimook) Pakdeekitcharoen - Art & Design AS level