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Congratulations to Pami for her acceptance to the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University. Pami is taking the extraordinary step of doing a seven-year Biomedical Engineering degree, combining her love for design with her passion for Medicine. 

Pami explains that her degree is the bridge between an engineer and a doctor and the devices they use to improve patients' health. According to Pami, Head of Design Technology at Shrewsbury, Mr Mark Holloway helped sparked the idea that both careers were possible.

"The more I learnt about biomedical engineering, the more I was convinced that it suited the kind of person I am. I am thrilled that I was accepted and am looking forward to starting in the next academic year," she said.

Arriving in Year 8 from another international school in Bangkok with an eye on the internationally sought-after A level qualifications offered through Shrewsbury's Sixth Form, Pami and her parents couldn't be more thrilled that the shift has paid off.

"It is well-known in international student circles that Shrewsbury students are the best-prepared in the city - especially if Medicine is a path they wish to take. A-Level subjects give us the best look at what to expect when we head to university."

Not only proven academically, but Pami is also an active member of the school community as a Duke of Edinburgh Award (DoEIA) silver award winner and Action for Diabetics (A4D) volunteer. Indeed, it was on one of the A4D field trips that solidified Pami's desire to enter the field of Medicine. Seeing the number of people who required healthcare for manageable illnesses was an eye-opener for her.

In addition, Pami is also a keen sportsperson, involving herself in both swimming and volleyball. However, she says this has been put on the back burner to focus on her academics in recent times.

"There is so much to be involved in at Shrewsbury that at one point or another, you have to choose. I have had my heart firmly set on Medicine, so I wanted to ensure I gave myself the best opportunity - luckily, this mindset paid off!"

Despite the arduous process of preparing her applications and getting ready for the interview, Pami says Shrewsbury's Higher Education team was always there to ensure she stayed focused.

The HE team was terrific. They do so much work to make sure we are doing what we need to and meeting deadlines. However, I found personal support the most useful. I and others received phone calls during school closure, asking about our welfare. It made us feel connected and not alone - I will always remember that."

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