• One Minute Guide - Video Conferencing
    30 Mar 20
    Shrewsbury is a safeguarding school. In the distance learning environment, certain issues are brought to the fore, especially with regards to working in the digital domain. The following guide is provided for current staff, who will be able to access the links provided via their registered school accounts.
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  • A whole new world of creativity
    07 Feb 20
    Teachers explore the learning opportunities of Google Earth in this month's Learning Lunch
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  • Pedagogy and Pastries 6: Harder, Better, Faster, Longer
    12 Dec 19
    Early morning discussion focuses on the the challenge 'sweet spot'
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  • Learn it, live it, teach it, embed it!
    03 Dec 19
    Learning lunch 3 provides a lesson on positive education
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  • Pedagogy & Pastries 5: Bridging the Gap
    03 Dec 19
    Early morning discussions around the role of co-curricular learning opportunities
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  • Year 6 Remembrance Assembly
    14 Nov 19
    The Shrewsbury Community Remembers, Mrs Rotheram Reflects
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  • Pedagogy and Pastries 4: Forest Schools
    12 Nov 19
    Teachers discuss the roots of successful education
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