TERM 2 REVIEW 2020-21



Year 13 Prompt continues to succeed in 2021 after being awarded the Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DoEIA) Gold certification this month. On the back of his success academically, where he has been offered a coveted place at Cambridge University to study Medicine, Prompt is delighted to be keeping up the momentum.

His award, achieved despite some COVID-19-related setbacks, was based on four separate elements all students must complete; a skill, service, physical education and an adventurous journey. According to Prompt, The DOEIA has been a once in a lifetime experience, fulfilling his journey through Shrewsbury International School. 

"Choosing to do the DoEIA was one of the best decisions that I've made at this school. Not only has it supported my university application, but it has also motivated me to continue pursuing my interests. It's always nice to have a goal in mind whenever you're doing an extracurricular activity. Because of the range of activities that the award requires, I was able to push my boundaries and try new things that I would never have done," he said.

An animal lover, Prompt chose to complete his service at Soonuksudsoi, a student-led organisation that uses its resources to help stray animals. With his friend and fellow student, Angie, the pair visited local animal shelters. He performed all the tasks asked of him, including cleaning cages and feeding the dogs and cats housed there. The pandemic has made the animals' plight in the shelter even more precarious, and Prompt’s help was certainly appreciated.


Cleaning cages as part of his service module

A self-described non-sportsman, Prompt took up the sport of squash as his physical education component - logging many hours with his friend, fellow Shrewsbury student and Thai junior-ranked, Jedi. Although he could never get a victory over Jedi, he has since played other students and fared much better. During school closure, he continued to be active in the confines of his home.

Prompt decided to focus on his love for singing and practised with the school's acapella group - Harmonix for the' skill' component. Prompt practised his rhythm and intonation as often as he could. Scheduled to play at Shrewsbury's 'American Promenade' school performance in early April, Harmonix is still working hard at perfecting their songs. Prompt is very much a happy member of the group. 

The final component of the DoEIA Gold is to complete an 'adventurous journey', generally in another country. Of course, with COVID-19 restrictions firmly in place, travel outside Thailand was not an option. An alternative was found south of Bangkok at a location called Khao Dan in Petchaburi. A gruelling trek in oppressive heat, Prompt and his fellow trekkers had a tough time from the outset, with broken shoes and thoughts of quitting just two of the hurdles the band had to face. According to Prompt, the trek was more than just a challenge to overcome. It was a chance to bond with his friends and solidify long-time friendships.

"The memories from the trek were irreplaceable, and I think that there is nothing better than going through hardship with your friends. We were going through the ups and downs of the trek, literally!" He said enthusiastically.

With the DoEIA complete, Prompt has to focus on examinations to ensure the conditions related to his offer to Cambridge are met. Not one to give up on a challenge, we are sure he will succeed!

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