TERM 2 REVIEW 2020-21



Over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of March, students from Shrewsbury gave their time to help create hospital bags full of necessary items for Operation Smile patients. A big supporter of the charity that connects world-class doctors to patients with facial deformities - who would struggle to afford surgery under normal circumstances, Shrewsbury finds ways to continue to help, despite the ongoing restrictions imposed by COVID-19.


In previous years, students have flown to different parts of Thailand to witness surgeries and spend time with patients. It has endowed them with the first-hand experience of a medical mission's inner workings. In many cases, it has been the catalyst for our students to realise a passion for medicine and enter tertiary study in that field. The incomparable experience is hard to replicate, but as the school's students have done before, they continue to find ways to stay engaged and help their community.


Who better to detail their experiences than the students themselves: 



Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to visit the Operation Smile office, where we helped pack a total of one hundred bags. These bags, containing necessities such as soap, towels, tissue paper, and alcohol gels, will be delivered to hospitals and given to patients during their stay. It was a great day as we got hands-on experience and got the chance to meet new people with the same goal and mission. 



I enjoyed packing the 'smile bags' and meeting students with similar interests from other international schools. I am grateful to have an opportunity to make people smile again. I hope that our smile bag can make a patient's day. It was a great experience, and I would love to participate again and recommend others to join as well. 



It was an excellent opportunity to get to know other volunteers from many international schools in Operation Smile. Packing items into one-hundred bags for families is essential for their stay at the hospital. Overall, it was a great day, and we hope there will be many upcoming donations that we can take part in again.



The organised event at the Operation Smile office last week was a rewarding experience that offered insight into how the organisation supports patients before and after their cleft-palate surgery with hygienic necessities. It was a great experience that provided students with an opportunity to work with Operation Smile and students from other international schools!

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