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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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A huge congratulations to Shrewsbury's flute players who have been busy entering online and in-person competitions over the last year.  It is quite incredible how well our players have done under the tutelage of Flute teacher Khun Tony and Head of Woodwind and Brass, Mr Paul Archibald.

According to Khun Tony, who started working at Shrewsbury in 2018, "all the following students have been coming to my one-to-one lesson from the beginning. Most had little to no experience with playing the flute, but today they are very successful. I am very proud of their progress, especially during a difficult year," He mentioned.

Here are the awards received:

1st Siam Ratchada Flute Competition 2020

A live competition; it was held in Siam Ratchada Auditorium and is the only flute competition in Thailand. 


Aira 8TS: Silver Prize

Nutthaporn Jina 7DW: Silver Prize 


Grand Prize Virtuoso London 2021:

This is an online competition for many different instruments. The winners are selected to perform at Royal Albert Hall in London. Aira in 8TS was a First Prize Winner; however, she declined to travel to London to perform due to the current COVID-19 situation.

The London Young Musician International Music Competition: Season 4 

This is an online competition for many instruments. With four seasons per year, entry can be gained to the 'London Young Musician of the Year' competition that counts how many points each student achieved in each prize category. Shrewsbury had four students with enough points to enter.

Gold Prize Winner

Alice 6DW: Performance Grade 1

Pim 7BA: Performance Grade 2

Jina 7DW: Performance Grade 4

Pim 9KA: Performance Grade 5

Aira 8TS: Performance Grade 7

Silver Prize Winner

Irene 6DL: Performance Grade 1

Pam 7DW: Performance Grade 4

Aira 8TS: Performance Grade 5

Bronze Prize Winner

Jina 7DW: Young Artist Category 

Aira 8TS: Young Artist Category


Nice International Music Competition 2021

This is an online competition for many different instruments. 16 Committees from around European countries decide prizes based on the skill level of each musician. It is quite prestigious.


Jina 7DW: Third Prize