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Shrewsbury's Drama department is looking for students in Key Stage 3 to be involved in our first monologue competition - a chance to showcase your writing and performing talent! On stage, a monologue reveals a character's innermost thoughts and feelings and is usually part of a scene where you may find extreme close-ups of an actor's face while they speak for an extended period.

The challenge is to write your own 60-90 second monologue, memorise it, film it and then send it to Drama Gap student, Freddie Lawson who will then shortlist the top five which will be put forward to a panel of expert judges.

Highlighting the school's character strengths of respect, imagination, self-awareness, resilience, courage, and collaboration; choose to write as yourself, a famous person, or a new fictional character. The subject of your speech can either be: 

· From your own point of view about your experience during the pandemic. 

· Inspired by people from the news and how they have handled the pandemic.

Monologues can be funny, serious or maybe even a mixture of both! The department will choose the winners based on two main factors - your vocal and physical choices (the acting), as well as the actual content of your monologue. The winners will be showcased on social media as we want everyone to know how great you all are! 

Send entries to by Wednesday 10th February and Shrewsbury Drama will announce the winners on Wednesday 17th February. Good luck to all competitors!