TERM 1 REVIEW 2020-21


Shrewsbury’s Junior School put on a marvellous end of year Christmas concert, ‘Sparkle and Shine’ last week, which included several traditional and a few modern songs that had the crowd clapping, singing and getting into the festive spirit. The show displayed the talent of some of our best young musicians who receive tutelage from a fine staff of musical professionals.

The concert, which was hosted by Shrewsbury’s music captains, Atom and Panther, began with a lovely rendition of the King’s Anthem followed by a stirring interpretation of ‘Dragon Strings’ conducted by the formidable, Rowena Calvert. 

The torch was then passed onto our young singers who were shepherded through the process by our Head of Junior Music, Ms Debbie Tulloch. Their interpretations of ‘Follow That Star’ and ‘Stable Under a Star’ were a triumph of hard work and hours of practice.


This was followed by the Year 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 choirs, who used the occasion to sing not only seasonal tunes but also inspirational ones about remaining positive and supporting each other.

Our young Wind Band, organised by the revered trumpeter and tutor, Mr Paul Archibald, was note-perfect as they performed the quaint ‘Appalachian Folk Dance’ and the Junior Rock Band ensured the evening closed with a bang with ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’.


The last hoorah, however, saw the biggest cohort of Junior School students on the stage  - accompanied by the Senior Big Band -  to perform the show’s namesake ‘Sparkle and Shine’. A full Memorial Hall made sure all performers were thanked for their wonderful effort.

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