TERM 2 REVIEW 2019-20


On 15th February, 27 Shrewsbury students had the unique opportunity of providing a new home for a resident of Ayutthaya through our charity partnership with Habitat for Humanity.


After several Bake sales, the H4H charity club eventually reached a point where enough money was raised to complete the purchase of materials and tools for a ‘one day build’ where students got stuck into basic construction work. Students learnt many things outside the classroom, including problem-solving, civic responsibility and teamwork. There was also times when students were able to realise the privileged life they lead and the reality of life for many others.

Before the build started, students were told they would be building a home for 64-year-old hairdresser Wasani (K. Khead) Daoduangnoi. A loving and well-loved member of her community due to her bubbly demeanour and low prices, K Khead, struggles to make ends meet – sometimes only earning 1500 baht a month. This sum is subsidised through the kindness of her neighbourhood and welfare from the government, but life is still tough at times.



K Khead is fortunate that her parents left her land when they passed on, but the one-storey house on which the land was built was dilapidated and falling down around her. This is where our Shrewsbury come into the picture. They aimed to give K. Khead a secure, comfortable abode that she could be happy in. After arriving, the 27 students were given a site induction identifying potential hazards, rules and regulations. Immediately after, they snapped into action, volunteering for different tasks to make K. Khead’s dream of a lovely property – a reality.

Health and Safety regulations were taken with the utmost seriousness and the day went off without a hitch. The Habitat for Humanity supervisors were very impressed and delighted with our student’s commitment and work ethic.   We look forward to seeing what good deeds our charity committee partake in next year and who the Habitat for Humanity club will be helping next!


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