TERM 1 REVIEW 2019-20


From Friday 4th to Saturday 6th October, Shrewsbury Riverside was proud to host a three day international Squash event. 

In Saturday’s showpiece competition, Thailand’s National Junior team (featuring a trio of Shrewsbury’s own international players) were in action against a touring team from Singapore, whilst both Friday’s warm up and Sunday’s round robin events proved a really valuable opportunity for emerging players throughout Shrewsbury’s squash squad to test their game against some of the most talented young players from around the region.

Under the guidance of Shrewsbury and Thailand Squash Coach, Terry Cheetham, Shrewsbury’s young squash team has developed tremendously in recent years, with several players now featuring in the official regional rankings, and international players Jenny, Third and Jedi having already represented their country on a number of occasions. They will head the Shrewsbury team in March’s FOBISIA squash championships in Malaysia, whilst on the international stage, there is the upcoming SEA games in the Philippines to look forward to as well.  

A huge congratulations to those who took part in this auspicious event, and thank you to the staff who made hosting this event possible. 


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