TERM 1 REVIEW 2019-20


On Tuesday 17th September, Senior School students dusted off their pom-poms for the bi-annual House Cheerleading Competition; an event that sees students from across the Senior School perform carefully choreographed routines in the hope of winning points for their house, and of course, the much coveted House Cheerleading trophy. 


This year certainly didn’t disappoint with students upping their game and giving the audience some show-stopping performances; the judges really had their job cut our choosing a winner. 

In the end the results were as follows: 

1st – Schweitzer

2nd – Williams

3rd – Teresa

Best House Participation Trophy – Mandela

Best creative performance – Malala

House cheerleading isn’t only about putting on a spectacular performance, it’s also about working creatively as a collective, an important lesson to be learnt through these kind of activities. On the experience, Tee, House Captain for Malala House said “I had a great time, not only in helping direct and produce a fantastic performance, but also in getting to bond with younger members of the house. It’s a great way for new Year 7’s to be introduced to the Senior School and get to know their House Mates.” 


Teddy, House Captain for Mandela went on to share his experience of leading such a project “I really enjoyed connecting with students I wouldn’t usually meet, it’s also a fantastic event for the more creative students of the house to be involved in a really unique event.” 

This event is designed to not only wow an audience, but also to help students become more confident in their abilities. Arjyo, a performer from King House said “It was a great experience and something I wouldn’t usually have wanted to take part in as I’m not really a natural performer. I’m a bit shy, but I didn’t want to let my House down and it turned out to be so much more fun than I expected and my house mates were really supportive.” 


House cheerleading has a long tradition, and has been a biannual event since many students taking part were in junior school, Fin, House Captain for Teresa said “it’s definitely the best event at Shrewsbury and I’ve wanted to take part since I saw it for the first time in Junior School, I’ve taken part in every House Cheerleading event since I joined the Senior School and this year, as House Captain I gained an entirely new perspective, and learnt so much about organising a team as well as that winning is about so much more than coming first.” 


Honor, House Captain for the overall winners Schweitzer House has a completely different experience to Fin, having joined Shrewsbury in Year 9; “Cheerleading wasn’t something I was familiar with when I moved here but seeing the House cheerleading event for the first time when I was in Year 9 made me sure that I wanted to be part of it the next time. As House Captain, I was blown away by how professional all the performers were and how well organised everything was. The competition is taken very seriously and when we won I was so surprised as all the performances were so great. Everyone performed so well and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, winning was just the icing on the cake!” 

Well done to all those that took part, the effort that went into cultivating such a routine was clear to all those watching and we look forward to the next House Cheerleading Event in 2021. 





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