TERM 1 REVIEW 2019-20



In a nod to a classic British Christmas tradition, but in a departure from Shrewsbury's normal end of term schedule, the final Junior and Senior School assemblies of the year were replaced by pantomime shows; a touch of light-hearted fun for students and staff alike to complete a very long and busy Term 1.

For the Junior School, Mr. Williams (a.k.a. Mr Happy, himself a former child actor) produced "A very merry Mr Men and Little Miss Christmas Carol". The play involved staff from throughout the Junior School, with plenty of surprises thrown in for the children in the audience. Whilst few would have been surprised to see Mr Wright seizing the opportunity to play Mrs Mean, who'd have thought that Mr Lousley could play such a convincing Mr Mean?!

For their end of term assembly, Senior students watched a one off performance of Dick Whittington on ice * (a shrinking puddle); an adaptation by Mr Holloway and Ms Abras of the traditional British pantomime. A cast of around 40 staff took to the stage, supported by 6th Form students who narrated the play and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. The performance featured star turns from the ever coy Mr Lindley as Alderman, Mr Millar as the rapping Rat King, Ms Abras as Apple the Cat and Mr Gettel as Dick himself.

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