TERM 1 REVIEW 2019-20



EY1 have been so busy in Term 1b we barely have had time to think! Some of our highlights included starting our very own growing garden where we have planted seeds, watered them every day and used natural materials to help them grow!

The children were very excited to welcome our friends from Farm de Lek to the EY garden. They brought horses, goats, rabbits, pigs and chickens, and it was such a delight to pet them and feed them leaves and vegetables. We really hope to see them again soon!

EY1 also had an awesome dress-up day where we dressed as a favourite book character. There were batman costumes, fairy princesses from Frozen and even a Luigi from Mario Brothers. The fun will continue in Term 2; watch out for out Book Week costumes in particular!

Our EY2 sports saw a guest appearance from a very special character!  Mr Tiger from our focus book, ‘A Tiger Came to Tea, chased our excited children around jungle-themed activities including a tiger race assault course, a tiger jigsaw challenge and a tiger space hopper race. He also handed out high fives and growls! After running around so much we needed to cool off!

In our ‘Food’ topic, Year 1 children learnt lots of cooking techniques with their parents, who acted as guest chefs in our Pre-Prep kitchen. We enjoyed learning how to make (and eating) lots of different foods from around the world. We also linked this to a great geography lesson where we identified on a world map where each food came from.

In another foody activity, vendors from around the Sathorn area came to school to hold a special ‘market’ for students and their families. Pupils used their maths skills to count out the correct money and hand it to vendors in exchange for yummy items such as chicken sticks and fresh fruits. They then practised skills learnt in science about the senses, describing how the food smelt, looked and tasted.

Towards the end of term we enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit with our friends from City Campus. We spent great rotation day together, playing all kinds of games and even pretended to be a flying santa!

Year 2’s topic for Term 1b was superheroes! You may have seen us around the campus fighting crime and keeping the peace. We have learnt about fictional superheroes and real life ones too, and that it is possible for anyone to be a superhero; we all have the power within us to stand up for others when it comes to bullying. With the help of our teachers, we made a kindness tree for anti-bullying week and reminded ourselves why it is important to look after each other. Year 2 were also lucky to be visited by local firefighters in Term 1b who brought a fire truck and lots of fire-fighting equipment with them to school. Children were able to climb aboard and take pictures with the real life superheroes of Charoenkrung!

Using the story ‘Traction Man’ we practised writing to create some marvelous graphic novels. We also looked at food groups and balanced diets that would keep us in superhero shape, parents also getting to enjoy the fruits of our labours in the form of a ‘Superhero Salad Bar’, which covered all food groups.

Year 3 have been looking at all things Roman in Term 1b. We looked at what the life of a Roman child was like over 2000 years ago - from the food they ate to the clothes they wore. We made some amazing mosaic collages which replicated Roman art, and made our very own Roman shield.

Pompeii featured heavily in our learning as we looked at the diary describing the eruption of Vesuvius, the volcano that eventually destroyed the town but preserved much of what life at the time through the eerie phenomenon of natural mummification.

In the penultimate week of term we had the pleasure of attending a Roman-themed sports day at City Campus, with loads of classic activities such as javelin throwing that really hit the mark.

Year 4 spent Term 1b learning about on the awesome power of natural disasters - especially those situated in the pacific ring of fire. Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes were all on the agenda and Year 4 used all parts of the curriculum to understand them.

In Art, we looked at how multimedia art inspired ‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai and attempted our own versions in oil, pastel, sketching and blending. In Science, we also looked at man-made impacts and resulting disasters. Year 4 discovered a more local problem of palm oil production and the deforestation caused by planting palm trees. Students found that as a result many species are disappearing and CO2 is entering the atmosphere at a greater rate.

In a slight deviation from topic, we also had great fun playing ‘battleships’ to learn about graphs and grids. We used own bodies as the ships and the furniture as obstacles!

Year 5 took on the challenge of ‘Bangkok and Khao Yai’ as their topic for the second half of Term one. This was an important topic as we began preparations for our 3-day, 2-night residential trip to the Khao Yai National Park - our highlight of the school year so far. Amongst other activities we got to build our very own shelters, and braved a long walk through the park. We kept our eyes open for all sorts of amazing wildlife, whilst crossing our fingers that we didn’t get too close to the creepy crawlies and blood-sucking leeches!

To complement this topic, we read The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. It was the perfect novel to entice our imaginations while we are in Khao Yai. We wanted to imagine that all of the characters have their own untold stories to tell, which was great exercise for our creative story-telling!

Year 5 also provided a magical start to the festive season in the form of the Year 5 Christmas performance. Parents and children enjoyed Christmas jokes, sparkly outfits and tunes from each class including ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’ and ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’.

Our Sports day was also as challenging as ever as our students competed for their house on a typically hot day. The P.E department did a great job presenting the children with a range of activities that tested their full range of athletic skills.

Year 6 took on the monumental task of studying WW2 in Europe, including how the War started, the evacuation of Dunkirk, The Battle of Britain and the Blitz. The children studied Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and then wrote alternative endings to the story.

We also travelled to City Campus for a special WW2-themed activity day, where we sung the ‘Hokey Cokey’ and making our own medals. This topic was a great opener before we head to Kanchanaburi and Hellfire pass in our annual residential trip next term.

During Term 1b, Year 6 also studied the wonderful works of Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist. Mr Goldsworthy makes his art from natural materials, and the finished pieces are often designed to be displayed in a natural setting. We tried to replicate his art with some of our own organic creations!

Finally, the end of term brought about our sports day which was a competitive event held with Year 5. It was a good way to blow off steam and enjoy a day with friends.

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