TERM 1 REVIEW 2019-20


This academic year sees the introduction of the Floreat Series. The Latin word, Floreat, literally translates as “flourish”, and this series is designed to recognise the efforts of students form across the Riverside community who have flourished in their activities and achievements both within school and beyond, and in so doing, have helped to inspire fellow students to do the same. 

The idea behind the series, Mr Seal explains, is to focus on a wide variety of student achievements that aren’t necessarily academic, but which are the embodiment of Shrewsbury education and values. 


In the first of the series, nine students were invited to Mr Seal’s office to receive their handwritten card and celebratory break time snacks, as well as a chance to discuss their achievements with Mr Seal and fellow winners. The achievements being recognised in this inaugural meeting ranged from sport and music competition wins, to showing compassion to new students. 

Speaking about the Floreat series, Mr Seal said, “We are fortunate to have such close links with Shrewsbury School and on my most recent visit I witnessed Leo Winkley [Headmaster of Shrewsbury UK] holding a celebratory moment in his study with students who had been nominated by teachers through the week.  It just seemed such a simple and profound way of celebrating individual success, and also getting to know more students that I immediately asked Mr Winkley if he was comfortable with us doing exactly the same thing in Bangkok.  He was! So, each week staff write to me and tell me about the successes they have been witness to.  They may be as simple as putting toys away in EY that another child was playing with, helping another student with their homework, or winning globally recognized awards.  


Mr Seal continues “Our community is so broad and so successful that Floreat can begin to make sense of this by sharing our successes on a personal level. The first event was wonderful and a template, I'm sure, for many more to come. Young Witty (our expert toy tidier) from EY enjoyed his banoffee pie, and students from different years in the Senior School spoke confidently about their support of Shrewsbury events and their exam successes.  The variety of students and good deeds really made the day for me, and the staff who joined me thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about these wonderful young people.“ 

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