TERM 1 REVIEW 2019-20


Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside is delighted to start the 2019/20 Academic Year with an expanded Senior Management Team.  By creating two new roles, the Governors, EXCO and Principal Chris Seal signal their intent to make sure people are at the centre of decision making at this great school in the years to come.

Two new Assistant Principals will represent the students and staff at all times and look to develop the skills, expertise and experience of the exceptional people in this vibrant community.  

Mr Nick Loudon takes up the role of Assistant Principal (Students) after a number of successful years as Director of Child protection and more recently Director of Safeguarding and Wellbeing.  His remit is to ensure all students are supported and protected in line with UK best practice.  A key part of this role is hearing the student voice in all matters, as well as refining and shaping behaviours through research based methods.


Welcome to the Team: Nick Loudon (Assistant Principal, Students), Vicki Rotheram (Assistant Principal, Staff)

Mrs Victoria Rotheram takes up the role of Assistant Principal (Staff) after widely recognised success as Head of English at Shrewsbury.  In that role she demonstrated her support for colleagues and whole school initiatives in developing all staff.  In her new role, Mrs Rotheram will direct the growth of the Shrewsbury Institute for Teaching, Learning and Leadership as Shrewsbury develops a global reputation for the very best continual professional development for its teachers.  This is already in progress as Shrewsbury provides the TES Straight to Teaching course with a number of Pathway Tutors who encourage and develop teaching practice across the region.  In addition, Principal Chris Seal has been appointed a member of the TES Institute Global Advisory board.

Chris Seal commented ‘it is great to start a new Academic Year with a focus on our people.  We are passionate about ensuring that students and staff enjoy positive relationships, a sense of belonging and an environment that fosters independence and innovation.  These new roles give a focus to these developments and I look forward to working closely with Mrs Rotheram and Mr Loudon in their work’.


Our Senior Management Team (from left to right): Nick Loudon (Assistant Principal, Students), Siobhan O'Brien (Assistant Principal, Pre-Prep), Debbie Brown (Assistant Principal, Prep), Sally Weston (Vice Principal, Head of Junior), Chris Seal (Principal), Rob Millar (Vice Principal, Head of Senior), Rob Groves (Assistant Principal, Academic), Vicki Rotheram (Assistant Principal, Staff). The team is completed by Mr. Nick Pinks (Director of Business Services), and Dr. Jirayuth Mahattanakul (School Manager)

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