TERM 1 REVIEW 2019-20


2019 (I)GCSE

· 70% A*/A (vs 21% UK average)

· 98%  A*-C grades

· 1 in 3 students score 7+ A*/A grades


· 65% A*/A (vs 25% UK average)

· % A* grades 4½ x  UK average

· Over 1 in 3 students score straight A*/A

· 92% percentile worldwide for grade added value


Students at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside are celebrating another year of class leading results in their A level and (I)GCSE examinations. The results once again underline Shrewsbury’s reputation as one of the most successful schools in Asia that is recognised not only for its unparalleled academic achievements, but also for excellence in sport, the creative and performing arts, and the wide variety of co-curricular opportunities that are offered and enjoyed by students in parallel to their studies.

Of the 361 A level exams taken by Shrewsbury students in 2019, 65% scored the top A*/A grades, whilst the proportion of A* grades is 4½ times higher than the UK average. At (I)GCSE 70% of the 1167 exams taken by Shrewsbury students earned the top A*/A grades, with 1 in 3 students securing 7 or more A* grades, and 98% exams scoring A*-C grade. 

And Shrewsbury’s students and teachers can be proud not just in the top grade statistics, but also in the progress that has been achieved across the ability range.  Indeed, international benchmarking indicates that Shrewsbury is amongst the top 8% of schools globally in terms of the progress that students make during their A level years, when comparing their final grades against the predictions generated by standardized tests that are used by schools around the world.

Progress on this scale illustrates not only the incredible dedication of the students, but also the careful and expert support that they receive at Shrewsbury. It also serves to underline the benefits of providing a rich and rounded experience for students, complemented by extensive co-curricular opportunities; a philosophy that does not come at the expense of academic attainment, but which, Shrewsbury believes, serves to enhance outcomes for all.

Illustrating the point perfectly is Year 11 joiner George, who arrived in Bangkok from the UK just 12 months ago with his mum, Head of Music in Shrewsbury Riverside’s Junior School. In his own words, George was struggling academically when he joined us. However, he is hugely grateful to Shrewsbury teachers for helping him to find his true potential, and earn a strong set of results that included 3A* grades in Maths, English Language and English Literature.


With the support of teachers like Mrs Rotheram, GCSE Student George made remarkable progress since arriving at Shrewsbury

“My teachers were amazing. From the start of the year they were always available to give me extra help whenever I wanted. There was no way that I thought I could achieve these grades, but with their help, I learned to apply myself. Teachers like Mrs Rotheram just made learning fun for me. It's been a big cultural shift, and the way I think about myself has changed hugely”.

George is now looking forward to embarking on 4 A levels in the humanities and sciences. He is also looking forward to getting back onto the rugby field, another passion that he has discovered here at Shrewsbury having never played the game before, and one which has helped him make some really strong friendships in the community.

At the very top end of the scale are three talented students, Tanai (Prompt) Chotanaphuti, Petra Pongsudhirak and Bhumikorn (Bhu) Kongtaveelert, who all scored 12 A* grades in their GCSE exams and whose exceptional academic performance has been achieved in parallel to pursuing a wide variety of other interests.

As well as applying himself in various co-curricular opportunities which have extended his subject knowledge beyond the curriculum, 12 A* student Prompt has also enjoyed stage managing and acting in several school productions, and singing and playing in a range of choirs and ensembles. 

Meanwhile Petra, who has also enjoyed the musical opportunities at the school, has just been named captain of the Varsity volleyball team. She was also the first in her cohort to complete the Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DoEIA) Bronze and Silver programmes, and is looking forward to the challenge of the Gold level programme this year. In addition to skill, physical recreation and adventurous journey elements, which culminates in exciting and challenging expeditions in Thailand and beyond, the DoEIA scheme also requires significant commitment to charity and service activities, something that fellow 12A* student, Bhu, has shown a real passion for here at Shrewsbury, particularly in relation to environmental issues.

Indeed, Bhu has even established his own charity schemes, is a key figure in the Youth for Sustainable Development Goals organisation, and initiated an arts based after school programme for younger children to encourage them to engage in environmental issues through creative activities. Bhu has also found a passion for debate and bringing his ideas to much wider audiences. Last year he presented his own TEDx talk, and is part of a team of Shrewsbury student organisers at the third upcoming TEDx event at Shrewsbury in October.

At A level, another strong set performances from Shrewsbury’s Class of 2019 included straight A*/A grades for 37 students (over a third of the entire cohort), 3+ A* grades for 19 students, and 4+ A* grades for 11 students, earning them university places to some of the world’s leading universities including UPenn, Imperial College London, LSE, and the University of Cambridge, where no less than five outstanding Shrewsbury graduates will be continuing their studies next year.  They are part of a Class of 2019 cohort who earned 477 university offers, and who now embark on university studies in the USA, UK, Thailand and 6 other countries around the world.

Benefiting from the school’s award winning higher education support, which focuses on helping students find university courses that are the “right fit” for their personalities, needs and ambitions, Shrewsbury’s class of 2019 now head to 59 different universities; nearly half of them to world top 100 universities, and 16 to world top 10 universities.

Amongst the Cambridge cohort and topping the individual examination achievements with 5 A*s is Nerinat (Nae Nae) Yongphiphatwong. Nae Nae will be joined in Cambridge by fellow Engineer Chanop (Chap) Sethiwan, Economists Pornchanit (Sand) Sunyabhisithkul and Woramon (May-May)  Wattanawanitchakorn, and also by Singh (Leo) Atipunumphai, who will be reading Natural Sciences.


Cambridge-bound: Five outstanding Class of 2019 graduates, who scored 4A*s, or more!

After six years at Shrewsbury, Praewkanit (Praew) Pichayangkul, (LSE, Economics) and Dontr (Dante) Lokitiyakul (UPenn, Engineering) both earn 4 A*s, a feat matched by five students who have been at Shrewsbury for a much shorter time having joined us in the Sixth Form, seeking to benefit from the school’s innovative A level programme, co-curricular offerings and university counselling.

Having also secured a place in Toronto, Himalaya Agrawal (Computer Science) has now accepted a place at Hong Kong’s University of Technology and Science, Suppakit (Pan) Tungsanga takes heads to the University of Bath to read Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, and Narin Tananitaporn will study Physics and Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London. Joining him at Imperial will be Thithat (Ken) Thepsutha (Civil Engineering), and Panlada (Namwan) Trirotanan (Biological Sciences), whose decision to return to Shrewsbury for her A level studies is rewarded by an excellent placement to a world top 10 ranked university.

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