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EY1 has had a very busy final term preparing for the exciting transition into EY2. Classes were given the responsibility of looking after a handful of caterpillars, feeding them and watching with anticipation as they began turning into a chrysalis. They finally released the hatched butterflies into the EY1 garden - there was plenty of curiosity about their flying guests! 

EY1 also celebrated International Mud Day on 18th June, which meant the garden was filled with lots of mud themed activities for the children to enjoy. There was mud painting, a mud bath, mud craft and of course lots of mud in the mud kitchen too! 

Term 3 saw the addition of hugely successful new garden play equipment, including suspended monkey bars, material swings, tyre swings, rope ladders, obstacle courses and balancing beams. The apparatus has really challenged the children, providing opportunities for them to take risks, persevere when faced with challenges and learn from experiences. 


For EY2 Term 3a began with a visit from the Shark Guardian Team, who taught the children how to protect and care for sharks and oceans.  This term was full of learning opportunities, with parents from each class coming to the ‘Come and Share’ sessions every Friday morning, sharing their interesting skills and ideas with each other.

Farm de Lek paid a visit and brought along ponies, a lovely labrador, chickens, pigs and bunnies for the children (and teachers!) to meet.  The children were shown how to safely stroke the animals, as well as learning about how to properly take care of them. 

EY2  had a playdate at City Campus and were very excited to see the classrooms and playground, and had a fantastic time sharing stories and games with their new friends. They also enjoyed Songkran playtime in the Riverside garden, which involved a lot of water splashing and fun! 

When EY2 returned from half term break, they began their transition period from EY2 to Year 1.  They were given the chance to test out some Year 1 music classes, as well as talk to current Year 1 students about what they enjoy in their lessons. EY2 also got the chance to watch Year 1 perform their wonderful Bee Musical, and are really looking forward to performing next year!

Come and See Me Swim was a great opportunity for the children to show off their swimming skills to their families.  The classes also teach them valuable lessons about how to behave safely around water, remembering to pack their kit and how to use the changing rooms sensibly. 

A real highlight was the messy, muddy fun EY2 had alongside EY1 during International Mud Day! Term 3 ended by visiting the new Year 1 classes to have a fun end of year party with their friends and family.


Term 3a allowed Year 1 to throw themselves into ‘The Great Outdoors’ topic, learning about how plants and flowers grow, and the importance of caring for the environment.

Inspired by their outdoor topic and the plight of the bee population, Year 1 took part in the brilliant  ‘Bee Musical’.  They mastered complex choreography, storytelling and memorized new songs, performing to over 1000 people over three days!

In Term 3b the children were learning all about fairy tales as part of the topic ‘Once Upon a Time’. As well as adapting characters and storylines from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, the children choreographed dances and performed for their parents at a magical Fairy Tale Ball.

In Maths, the children were learning all about money. They went on a trip to 7-Eleven and were challenged to see how many items they could buy with 20 baht!


In Year 2, Term 3 was all about the big transition into Year 3 and was full of lots of fun activities to help prepare the children. In April, Year 2 had the pleasure of Tiny Tree Café visiting Shrewsbury to teach them how to make Terrariums as part of their Flower Power topic learning about the different ecosystems and the water cycle.

To start their Robots Topic the children took a trip to The Kids Robotic Center to build and program robots out of lego. We have seen the pupils develop into wonderful Global Citizens in a number of contexts, ranging from taking care of caterpillars as they changed into butterflies all the way to making a conscious effort to reduce food waste. In Literacy, they have been learning instructional and fictional writing and have proven themselves to be Maths Masters! They are more than ready for Year 3, although the Year 2 teachers will miss them immensely!