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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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In Term 3, one of our Year 5 topics has been Charity, and as part of our learning, we went to visit Mercy Center.

Mercy Center is a charity that Shrewsbury has been supporting for many years that provides cheap clothing and other items to allow people on low incomes to access the basic necessities. They also provide education to young people. When we we there we walked through a room where other children were learning art – the walls were covered with their talented paints and batik. Throughout the centre we were immersed in further artwork on the outside walls produced by the children, it was a wonderful experience. We also visited their ICT room where the kids were learning the basic concept of touch typing and using technology to draw. 

Prior to our visit, we made games to play with the children, and designed them to be educational, colourful and fun! We sat to play the games together with our new friends underneath the shade of the trees as there was no air conditioning inside. Despite the heat, we're glad to say that they filled their boots with fun and there was plenty of smiling and laughing.

This trip, not only allowed us to educate the children with our games and help to teach them some basic numeracy, but also it was a massive eye opener for ourselves! The experience helped us all to understand how fortunate and lucky we are. It was a particularly great experience for people who love to help charities, like ourselves.  This was a fun and enjoyable trip and we hope we can go again.