TERM 3 REVIEW 2018-19



Year 9 pupil, Laura, recently participated in The Voice Kids Thailand; a televised solo signing competition where judges select acts they wish to take forward into the final rounds based on their voice alone. Singing ‘2002’, Laura successfully managed to win the support of celebrity judges Tik, Joke and Lula.

Laura has always dreamed about getting on a talent show such as The Voice, and although this was her first such experience and was understandably nervous at the time, Laura is now sure that she wants to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer.

After 3 years at Shrewsbury, Laura next year will be studying towards her GCSEs (Music, Drama, Psychology, Business Studies and Spanish). Alongside this Laura will continue to create music videos in her spare time. She also plans to enter more talent competitions, such as Britain’s Got Talent, to follow her dreams.

Shrewsbury’s Director of Music, Mr Place, said “Here at Shrewsbury International School, we were thrilled to hear of Laura’s success on Thailand's The Voice Kids.  Not only does she possess fantastic vocal skills, but she is a wonderful person as well.  She has all of the prerequisite qualities required to be an excellent musician (determination, patience, talent, etc) and has spent many hours honing her skills.  She is a frequent performer here at the school and we are fortunate to have enjoyed her music many times this year.  Laura will begin studying GCSE Music in August”. 

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