This week, Shrewsbury students from across the school participated in a series of events and activities, headed by our Outreach department, created to focus attention on an important global movement. 

We highlighted some pioneering initiatives taking place within our community -  and in the classroom, teachers shone the spotlight on sustainability education and an interconnected global green economy.  

Sustainability Week was created to celebrate Earth Day 2022, which took place on 22nd April. As part of a week long series of events, students took the time to consider their impact on the environment in a series of research-based discussions. 


Based on these discussions, our very own ‘Sustainability Action Lab Team’ (SALT), comprised of student leaders from Year 12, presented recommendations to the Senior Management Team in the Riverside Boardroom - while the ‘Climate Crisis Club’ and ‘Shrewsbury Mangrove Teens’ shared their sustainability skills with Prep School students. 

“Climate literacy” was also considered in lessons throughout the week and on Tuesday, selected Key Stage 3 students attended the 2022 FOBISIA Sustainability Conference. 


To add an element of creativity to this important topic, a green non-uniform day was held on Wednesday and Thursday for both Junior and Senior - while in Year 9, students strengthened their design skills by ‘upcycling’ old House Shirts that would have otherwise been discarded. By re-purposing these unwanted items, students are increasing the lifespan of the material and ensuring less environmental wastage.

By emphasising the importance of sustainability, climate and the green economy, we believe our students can be at the very forefront of future decision making; leaders of a more sustainable global future. 

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