Joining the school in EY1, Bhuree (Parn) Boonyakitsombat has completed her school journey at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, Riverside. Soon, she will embark on a career in medicine at Thailand’s premier tertiary institution for prospective doctors - Chulalongkorn Faculty of Medicine. Despite having received an unconditional offer, Parn forged ahead with her studies, receiving a near-perfect three A*’s and an A grades, leaving no doubt she will continue her history of success beyond Shrewsbury’s iconic Riverside campus.

With no less than 16 of 121 (13%) graduating students secured spots at medical school, Shrewsbury creates a unique pathway for students like Parn, with its in-depth knowledge of the process and sourcing of specialists within the parent community, who guide candidates through the rigours of the demanding application process.

Studying all the three sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Maths is a considerable workload, yet Parn managed this while completing the challenging admissions process for Chulalongkorn. Parn credits her teachers and Higher Education advisors for lightening the load and keeping her focused on the goal at hand.

“Shrewsbury is a warm community where students, teachers and alumni have a close bond and help each other willingly. The school is my second home, so leaving will be a difficult transition, but I am ready for my next ad!” she exclaims.  

A keen sportswoman, particularly on the basketball court, Parn was a tremendous competitor and performed admirably for the school on numerous occasions. A severe injury cruelly cut short her basketball aspirations but gave rise to a new passion. 

“I remember how painful it was and how restrictive my movement was afterwards. The doctor who saw me ensured I had good rehabilitation, and I healed pretty quickly. From there, I considered orthopaedics as an option after school,” she recalls.

In her 15 years at Shrewsbury, Parn has learnt that community and cooperation play a big part in the enormous success of her fellow students. We wish her well as she endeavours to take her place in the world.

“I will always be a part of this special place and, as my career flourishes, I hope to repay the support and encouragement I have received  by helping future Shrewsbury graduates, should they need it.”

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