Shrewsbury, Riverside's History students are the lucky beneficiaries of our newest teacher in the department, Mr Joe Rolleston - an Oxford graduate with a real passion for his subject. Describing his journey so far, Mr Rolleston remembers a summer internship teaching at Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore, that confirmed his desire to teach overseas. After five years at Northampton School for Boys (NSB), he is delighted to fulfil his ambition in Thailand.

"I was at NSB for five years and could probably have stayed there my whole career were it not for my adventurous streak. I plan on bringing creativity, experimentation and energy to my classes."

In fact, it was this 'experimentation' that impacted the school's decision to offer Mr Rolleston a position. Infamous at NSB for some rather 'out-there' lesson concepts, his colleagues noticed his methodology and flair for creating a positive environment.

"Battle re-enactments were fairly standard. There was also a time when reception almost called an ambulance as my "dying of the Black Plague" impression was slightly too convincing!"

Fostering a passion for History is Mr Rolleston's central goal. Encouraging students to see his subject as a series of stories, puzzles, and outrageous characters will help them develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed naturally. With Shrewsbury students well-known for their dedication and, ultimately, their results, he is excited to get started.

"The School's reputation speaks volumes. I knew I wanted to move to Southeast Asia, but beyond that, I was going to let the quality of the school make the final decision. Looking at the curriculum, the facilities and the phenomenal track record, it is clearly the right school for me."

Shrewsbury is looking for teachers who have passions to bring to the school that fit outside the classroom. A keen sportsman, Mr Rolleston hopes to contribute to the extra-curricular scene as much as he can. 

"I play and coach rugby, which has quite a few transferable skills. Grit, determination and a willingness to lead by example. I think fostering these attributes is a hugely important part of a holistic, well-rounded education."

Whether it be his willingness to take risks in the classroom or impart his wisdom using his extracurricular knowledge, we look forward to seeing the History department continue to flourish.

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