While Ms Lucy Stuchfield has always loved mathematics, she had not planned teaching as a post-university career path. Initially, the Oxford graduate was fortunate to fall into a job after partaking in some War Studies research work. Since then, she has moved into the education sector, teaching in several schools across England. 

Ms Stuchfield has arrived at Shrewsbury at the perfect time with the opening of the Senior School building - complete with brand new classrooms and resources. With Shrewsbury already building pathways to the best universities globally, she will definitely add to the school’s wealth of expertise. Overall, she says it is essential to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and promote independence.

“Over time, I love to see students who see the value in their hard work. Students can achieve great things when they understand they can make a difference to others, begin to see their own potential and realise their own ambitions. From wherever each student starts socially, emotionally and academically, if we see clear progress in these areas, then their time at school has been a success,” she affirms. 

Ms Stuchfield’s application was warmly received, and her subsequent interview showed her willingness to commit time, effort and energy to make a difference to each student. 

“Shrewsbury provides a fabulous opportunity to work in a well-established, sector-leading school in Asia. What particularly attracted me was the focus on teaching and learning and the incredibly central location of the school in Bangkok,” she insists. 

With many miles travelling the world already, she is looking to explore Southeast Asia further after lockdown is complete. Travelling is a great privilege for Ms Stuchfield and her husband, from the fun of planning a trip to the joy of making it a reality. 

Until then, one of the departments newest members is getting settled and has begun teaching - albeit in an online fashion.

“I can't wait to bring enthusiasm and passion to the different teams I will be a part of at Shrewsbury. I also can't wait to meet and work alongside a new cohort of pupils to help them to aim high and achieve their goals.”

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