Shrewsbury is proud to add Dr Samuel Newbatt to its Chemistry Faculty - a department whose students regularly achieve remarkable success. Having started teaching on the South Coast of the UK and more recently at Charter School in Bangkok, Dr Newbatt is excited to start at Shrewsbury this school year.

“After two happy years at my last school, I am looking forward to the world-class facilities and dedicated students that Shrewsbury is well-known for,” he remarked.

With Dr Newbatt’s wife, Christine (Biology) already a member of staff, Sam is familiar with the school and its ability to prepare students for tertiary study.

“Students at Shrewsbury leave school with a love of learning, fantastic memories and lasting friendships. This is evident after just the five weeks I've been here.”

With a PhD in Marine Science students will undoubtedly benefit from Dr Newbatt’s knowledge and experience. However, he also credits his life outside of study as a big factor in why he is able to bring a creative learning approach to the classroom.

“I am pretty proud to say I have climbed Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. I love the outdoors and I think this gives me the insight to be a successful science teacher. There are many technical climbing challenges I have put on hold but will embark on as soon as international travel is possible.”

With his application too good to ignore and his love for extracurricular activities, Dr Newbatt was a stand out during the hiring process. We are eager to see the progress that he and his students make over the next few years.

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