TK, the prodigiously talented Year 10 golfer, has been busy recently combining his GCSE studies with several golf tournaments across Thailand. 

Playing in three back-to-back tournaments is physically and mentally demanding. Still, TK uses the skills learned in Physical Education and the 'Sports Excellence' programme at Shrewsbury, Riverside, to help him whilst on the course. 

In recent weeks, TK has competed as an amateur in the Thai PGA and two 'All Thailand Golf Tour Championships', finishing in 2nd and 5th place, earning him his first Official World Golf Ranking points (OWGR) - just the second-youngest person in the world to receive them. In addition, he has also made it to world number 1 in U15 golf - a fantastic achievement. 

As an amateur, the 400,000 Thai Baht in earnings he would have won can not be claimed, but the improvements in his fitness, mental strength, and dealing with pressure more effectively are critical to his continued success on the course.

"GCSE Physical Education has given me the knowledge of how the body adapts to training, movement analysis, and a better understanding of the fitness requirements of golf. As a result, my fitness regime has changed to incorporate this knowledge, and I am now hitting the ball further off the tee, making my shots to the green easier," he assured.

The strides TK continues to make are a huge source of pride for the school and his family, and we will continue to support him in both his academic and sporting endeavours.


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