Fah, Natty and Nana honoured at the 2nd Alumni of the Year Awards


Shrewsbury was proud to celebrate the contribution of our inspirational Alumni at the second annual Shrewsbury Alumni of the Year Awards on 29th November.  Fah, Natty and Nana have achieved considerable success in their chosen fields, as well as being strong supporters of the Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Alumni Association (SISSBA).   

Fah (class of ‘07) Shrewsbury's first ever Head Girl, Fah is now a much loved science teacher at Shrewsbury Riverside.  After school she went on to Cambridge University to pursue her love of the natural sciences, and was elemental in both the formation of SISBAA and its work going forward, including organising Alumni events and managing important data for the Association.  Fah admits that it is slightly surreal to now be working alongside some of the teachers she looked up to while she was a pupil at Shrewsbury, but is very keen to be repaying the fantastic teaching and opportunities she received here and to be supporting current students on their own life journeys.

Natty (class of ‘10) After completing a degree in Engineering at Bristol and a Masters at Cambridge University, Natty moved back to Thailand.  Here, she designed and built the prestigious ‘137 Pillars’ hotel chain, and Alumni events are often held at this wonderful venue.  Her experience speaks to Sixth Form students who are interested in business ownership and entrepreneurship.  She has also helped to organise Alumni sports events, and takes a special interest in basketball and softball.  Natty’s advice to the Year 13 audience was to be adaptable, not have any regrets and to read as much as they could.

Nana (class of ‘20) has achieved acclaim for her role in a Thai TV drama ‘Luead Khon Kon Jang’ (In Family We Trust) and has proudly mentioned her time at Shrewsbury during interviews.  She is currently attending Chulalongkorn University studying Communication Arts, despite her burgeoning acting career taking up a lot of time.  Facing a challenging new career and having had many ‘firsts’ over the last 12 months or so, she encouraged students to use the unique pressures they will face during exams and university, to grow and develop.

The ceremony was watched by Shrewsbury’s Year 13 students, who regularly enjoy inspiring talks by Alumni members, and view them as powerful role models. In addition the Junior Heads of School and Sports and Music Captains were also in attendance this year to hear about the winners’ life stories and journeys to success. An education at Shrewsbury is viewed as a membership into a team of successful, committed and supportive colleagues; a view reiterated by all three winners who are grateful for the support they received along the way, and the opportunity to now be helping others in the same way.

Mr Stuart Markes, Director of Alumni Relations, who organised the event, said “We are lucky to have so many positive and committed alumni at Shrewsbury.  We are so proud of our former students’ achievements and their desire to share their success with the current generation.”

Our esteemed winners were nominated by their fellow alumni, which makes their win all the more significant.  Awards were presented by Principal, Mr Seal, whilst the winners’ former teachers beamed with pride as they introduced them to the audience; Fah as introduced by Head of Biology, Ms Sharp, Natty was introduced by Head of Co-Curricular, Mr D’Rozario,and Nana was introduced by Assistant Principal, Mr Groves.    

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