Last week, on Friday 18 February, an exclusive exhibition showcasing Shrewsbury’s iGCSE and A-Level student artwork took place at the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok Chao Praya River. 

Beautifully exhibited on plinths, showcased on walls or presented as free-standing sculptural pieces, this was an opportunity for student artwork to meet with its audience for the very first time as guests descended the main staircase from the reception of the hotel - entering a minimal, clean and sublime artspace, specifically set up to showcase local artists. At the bottom of the stairs, invited press, art critics and selected students and senior management caught their first glimpse of the beautiful and stunning works. 

Betty Chan, Marketing Director at The Four Seasons Hotel was keen to work with Shrewsbury as soon as she saw the quality of student work: "We [Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok Chao Praya River] created the art space to be an extension of the Bangkok Creative District, and a way to highlight Thai artists to a global audience. As soon as we saw the amazing and creative work from the students at Shrewsbury International School, we knew this would be an exciting exhibition and something our guests would find inspirational". 

The 74 pieces featured in the exhibition included intricate etchings, paintings, mixed media, photography, textiles and sculpture; with the variety of approaches celebrating the creative freedom that students have at Shrewsbury Bangkok.


In a sign of Shrewsbury’s long established links with Thailand’s leading artistic institutions, the artwork featured was selected in collaboration with Bangkok’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and Shrewsbury’s Head of Art & Design, Mr. Sebastian Brimsted. 

Developed and nurtured over the school’s 20 year history, Shrewsbury’s unique access to professional institutions in the fields of Art, Music, Sport and Science - to name just a few - has secured its reputation as Thailand’s leading international school.

MOCA Managing Director and Curator, Khun Kanachai “Kit” Bencharongkul was personally involved in the project and noted the insightful expression shown by students’ work. Commenting on the exhibit, he said it was "a beautiful and refreshing sight to see such a diverse group of young and promising artists". He was further impressed by the originality on display when discussing the artwork: "Each student's individuality and brilliance is a testament to the extraordinary work done by all in the art department at Shrewsbury" he remarked.


The Art curriculum at Shrewsbury International School encourages a wide range of skills, stimulates aesthetic awareness, instills knowledge and critical understanding of art and provides opportunities for students to develop their creative thinking. A personal and independent perspective is encouraged at all times and Head of Art & Design, Mr. Brimsted, was excited about the opportunity to showcase this at the exhibit:

“This exhibition showcases the hard work and dedication of past and present students, who have achieved artistic success on their own personal and creative journeys. The independent visual journeys are the most exciting part of the iGCSE and A-Level courses and every individual's unique observations, opinions, interests and influences result in a personal and meaningful realisation” he said. 


During their academic studies, students consider the interpretation of their creations in depth by reflecting critically and analysing historical and contemporary artwork. Students are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes as all artists do in order to create their totally unique pieces.

The Art department at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside truly appreciate the joy of developing their students’ progress and were immensely proud to be able to share the diverse and amazing student artworks in this beautiful venue.


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