Team Shrewsbury: Where Passion Meets Excellence


At Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside, we celebrate the dedication and talent of our student athletes through Team Shrewsbury. This prestigious program recognises exceptional individuals from Years 10-13 who significantly contribute to the school's sporting landscape.

Team Shrewsbury is more than just an honour— it empowers our athletes to become active participants in shaping the future of school sports. 

Students play a crucial role in:

Improving the School Sports Programme: Team members provide valuable feedback and suggestions, contributing to the continuous development and enhancement of our athletic offerings.

Inspiring Others: Their dedication and passion serve as a source of motivation for their peers, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and encouraging participation across all levels.

Ensuring Competitive Excellence: Team members lead by example, demonstrating the commitment and teamwork necessary for our teams to compete with passion and achieve their full potential.

Team Shrewsbury focuses on encompassing these three tiers, acknowledging the varied contributions and achievements of our student athletes:

Elite Bronze: Awarded to consistent members of our first-team sports, representing the highest performers within their respective teams.

Elite Silver: Recognizing student athletes who possess exceptional talent, dedication, and passion for their sport, making them valuable assets to any team across Bangkok.

Elite Gold: Reserved for a select few who have reached the pinnacle of achievement, representing their country at a national level.

As our athletic program flourishes, our teams have transformed from participants to formidable competitors. We no longer simply compete, we challenge— driven by a shared passion for sportsmanship and a deep appreciation for the opportunities and support provided by the school and our dedicated coaches.

Being part of Team Shrewsbury is more than just an individual accomplishment; it signifies belonging to a supportive community where commitment, teamwork, and a love for the game thrive. These student-athletes are not just competitors— they are leaders, role models, and the driving force behind the continued success of Shrewsbury Riverside's vibrant sporting culture.

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